Pretty Simple :: The Art of Contouring

Full disclosure: even makeup artists can feel timid when it comes to the world of contouring.  Martha Lynn here, and I think my hesitation comes from the fact that when contouring goes wrong, it’s so wrong. I recently decided to enlist the help of some other pros and master the art of playing with light and shadows…and […]

Pretty Simple :: Banded Chignon

Martha Lynn here, and today’s ‘do is inspired by a chic chignon I’ve been spotting around Pinterest lately… and once I sat down to give it a shot, I even surprised myself with how easy it was to recreate. I’m loving this technique because it works with any hair length (past the chin) and any […]

Pretty Simple :: Wraparound Bun

You guys, how gorgeous is this super textural bun on Cristina? No beauty school needed to put this look together, all it requires is your run-of-the-mill ponytail, some bobby pins and a can of hair spray. I’m loving this do for an event that begs for something just a little more festive than your average […]

Pretty Simple :: Raise an Eyebrow

Ed. note: I realized recently that if I could only apply one article of makeup in the morning, it would be my eyebrow pencil. It instantly makes my features look more defined, and my eyes look more awake, even with a completely bare face. If you usually leave your brows untouched, get ready to be amazed […]

Pretty Simple :: Spring Cleaning

Since my makeup drawer is a daily stop in my getting-ready routine, it gets put through a lot… spilled powder, lipstick smudges and collections of makeup counter samples and bobby pins thrown into the mix. As much as I’d love to keep a pristine space, I’ve got to admit that this drawer doesn’t always get […]

Pretty Simple :: Top Knot Typology

Martha Lynn here, and I have to admit that I never met a top knot I didn’t like. What started out as a casual way to throw your hair up has – in the last year – turned into a full blown fashion obsession. Whether you just need another rainy day style in your back […]

Pretty Simple :: Blow Out 101

As a stylist and salon owner, I face pleading clients on a daily basis who are desperate to achieve salon-softness hair on their own. To their surprise, my response is always ‘me too!’… The way I recommend clients blow dry their hair at home is totally different than the way we stylists do it in the […]

Pretty Simple :: On the Line

I have to admit, eyeliner was one of the last techniques that I mastered when learning to do my own makeup.  Martha Lynn here, and trust me: I totally get how intimidating it can be. A “smokey eye” can seem daunting even for a pro and you might be afraid to wear any liner at […]

Pretty Simple :: Camille’s Beauty Essentials

One of my favorite parts of blogging is that we get to feature so many creative, chic people’s beauty and style tips… I’m constantly picking up new tips to add to my routine! Lately though, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share some of my beauty essentials, and the truth is, I’ve amassed quite […]

Pretty Simple :: Beachy Waves

These days, it feels like I see women flaunting gorgeous, beachy waves everywhere I turn… the natural bounce and slightly straight ends make it look like they’ve spent the day walking the beaches of somewhere fabulous. Martha Lynn here, and I’m already dreaming of warm weather and sand between my toes, and nothing gives me […]

Pretty Simple :: Romantic Twisted Chignon

Today’s updo is super feminine (perfect for V-day rendezvous!), but is actually so much simpler than it appears. This twisting technique can be adapted into totally different looks, too: instead of using five smaller sections the way this detailed updo does, try experimenting with an eye-catching ponytail made from two larger sections. All you need to master are […]

My Essentials :: Christian Remde

We were lucky enough to meet filmmaker Christian Remde a few months ago and I think it’s safe to say we haven’t stopped talking about him since. We were working with Paul Qui (of Top Chef acclaim) to shoot an installment of our “Entertaining With” series when he asked if we’d like to create a […]

Pretty Simple :: Fishtail Braid

Ever since we instagramed a photo of Claire’s ever-so-flawless braid several months ago, we’ve received countless requests from all of you asking for a beauty tutorial that covers exactly how to achieve the same look. So while you typically know her from her Transformed series, for this week’s Pretty Simple we thought we’d invite Claire to […]

Pretty Simple :: Get The Golden Look

Raise your hand if you were just a little more interested in the red carpet looks than the actual awards at last Sunday’s Golden Globes? Guilty as charged. Martha Lynn here, and as someone who lives in the beauty world day in and day out, I get a thrill out of seeing the A-list celebrities parade […]

Pretty Simple :: Lash Blast

I’ll never forget the first time I set eyes on an eyelash curler. I was a pre-teen, already confused by the world of beauty that was rapidly being revealed to me, when my sister intro’ed me to the monstrous metal clamp that looked to be straight out of a horror film. Today most girls I […]

Pretty Simple :: How to Hot Roll

You know that amazingly bouncy look we always see in too-good-to-believe hair commercials? Well, I never thought it’d actually be possible to achieve that on my own, but ever since Martha Lynn showed us how to properly use hot rollers I’ve been singing a slightly different tune. Some of you may already have this styling skill down […]

Pretty Simple :: Party Worthy Looks

It’s official: the holidays are in full swing and that means a calendar full of holiday parties. With those fabulous fetes come a handful of opportunities to kick your day-to-day look up a notch and try something new, so today I wanted to share some holiday makeup inspiration along with some do’s and don’t for […]