6 Semi-Homemade Desserts to Make Dinner Parties Easier

We can all agree that the best thing to do to prepare for having guests over is to make things simple, right? It feels as though the world has been spinning at warp-speed for a while, but lately, more people are starting to slow down and savor the goodness of connecting with those around them. That […]

Mango Curd and Rice Pudding Parfaits

If there’s one thing y’all should know about me, it’s that I don’t consider myself a baker. I don’t have the patience to test five different versions of a potential recipe and experiment with how leavening agents affect a baked good. It’s not entirely my fault, I didn’t grow up in a household where baked […]

These are the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies on the Planet

It’s a bold claim, I know, but I’ve had these tested by Adam an official cookie expert, and the verdict is in: these are the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. Since they’re chock-full of nuts, coconut, and oats, one might call them a “monster cookie,” but the fact remains that they’ve beat any […]

Watch Me Make Carrot Cake Trifles in Under 2 Minutes

It’s so close to Christmas I can taste it… especially after filling our studio kitchen with all the holiday aromas when I made these orange carrot cake trifles last week. Click here for the recipe, and watch the video above to see how super fast they come together. Let me know if you give them […]

Orange Carrot Cake Trifles

One of the best ways my mom communicates love is through carrot cake. Seriously. Her co-workers know that it’s gonna be a great day when she shows up to the hospital (she’s a psych nurse) holding the covered dish that houses her famous 3-layered orange carrot cake sandwiched with orange cream cheese frosting. It’s insanely […]

Curry & Brown Sugar Holiday Snack Mix

Is anybody else craving simplicity this holiday season? Maybe it’s the fact that I’m coming off of a week of two turkeys, three pies and more overindulgence than I’m willing to admit, but this week, I’m just looking to simplify.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as pumped for the holidays as the next gal — […]

Baked Strawberry Glazed Sufganiyot

Sufganiyot are iconic for Chanukah. Kenden from Jewish Food Hero wanted to make a version that’s better for you than the traditional deep-fried ones. These easy baked doughnuts avoid all the traditional mess of deep-frying, but are just as delicious. Glistening with strawberry glaze, these doughnuts will delight you and your guests. For more simple […]

If Making Pie Scares You, This Plum & Thyme Tart Is for You

While I’m not totally freaked out by the idea of making pie from scratch (Callie helped demystify it here and showed us how to decorate it here), let’s just say that it still feels like a big production for me. One that I’d attempt when I have a long, lazy Sunday afternoon ahead of me, or maybe for […]

Wine Poached Plum & Almond Cake

Fall is finally upon us! After one very long, hot summer, I can’t help but feel immense joy at the thought of the cozy sweater-wearing months ahead of us. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the case last year and the year before that, too, but somehow, each year the anticipation and excitement […]