photographed by wynn myers Standing in the barn at Sky Creek Farm with Quincy DeSpain Ellis is a bit like being on the set of a Ralph Lauren ad, except that everything about it wonderfully and unbelievably real. She straightens her black velvet hunt cap before feeding her white horse a carrot. “This one’s the […]

What’s On Hand :: Aaron Franklin

Aaron Franklin’s name is synonymous with great BBQ. This fact was most recently illustrated by the (hilarious) national attention given to Franklin Barbecue by Jon Stewart while filming the Daily Show in Austin. And even while being applauded on Comedy Central, and lauded as the King of smoked meat by BBQ elite, Aaron remains level-headed […]

Weekend Notes

The arrival of Thanksgiving week brings with it a hint of slowing down around here; taking a break from the nonstop pace of the past few weeks and preparing to savor a few days of great food and a house full of family. And I, for one, could not be more ready. I had the […]

The Allcorns

photographed by wynn myers In the spring of 2014, newlyweds Chris and Katie Allcorn did what so many crowded Austinites only dream of: packed up and got out of town. Turned out the small town lifestyle they longed for wasn’t too far away — it lay quietly waiting about 30 miles southeast of Austin in […]

Weekend Notes

Morning, friends! It’s been a cozy, fun weekend so far… On Friday, I was feeling pretty zapped from the past week that was full of book events and other work stuff, so we cancelled the babysitter and our multiple Friday night social plans, stayed in, tried a new (amazing) roast chicken recipe, and hung-out in front […]

On My Nightstand

featured image via adc/rex usaThis month’s On My Nightstand picks range from a guidebook on home organization to a memoir from a fashion icon to a novel on finding your soulmate to fun projects to explore with your kids. It’s a diverse list, to be sure. As it starts to get cold, this is the […]

Portrait of a Mentor

Do you have a mentor? A person you can (a) go to for advice, and (b) trust their wisdom enough that you actually take it to heart and allow it to inspire your actions? I’ve been thinking a lot about female mentorships lately, and how important it is to support each other in our unique […]

Weekend Notes

I woke up early this morning (despite “gaining an hour” for daylight savings), so I brewed a cup of chai, dragged my laptop to the living room couch, and lit the first fire of the season. It feels like heaven to luxuriate in the comforts of home after being away all week, first in NYC […]

Back to Ballet

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” At one time or another, we’ve all heard Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote, and while I can’t say I succeed in this every single day, I pride myself in taking the road less traveled and trying things I once deemed as impossible. A few weeks ago, over the course of […]

Weekend Notes

This weekend is full of last-minute prep… I almost feel like I’m getting ready to have a baby as I double check that everything’s in order before I hop on a flight to NYC tomorrow in anticipation of my book launch on Tuesday. I’m still in the throes of picking out outfits and packing for events […]

The Wixoms

A family that plays together stays together. But what about a family that works together, from home, across two different cities? Judging by the life that the Wixoms have made, they not only stay together, but flourish and make adorable babies. Austinites Kris and Alisa Wixom (say that two times fast!) are co-creative directors for advertising […]

Weekend Notes

It’s ACL Festival weekend here in Austin, and for us, it’s been one of extremes: Friday was action-packed at the festival (Chvrches, Sam Smith, Foster the People), then yesterday we woke up to pouring rain and decided to sit it out and embrace a cozy day at home. Movies, popcorn, perusing Pinterest, making soup… I […]