Weekend Notes

Whether it’s a trip to the spa, a long hike in the woods, or an actual vacation, sometimes you just have to get away from it all. I’m definitely one who requires a total change of scenery to step away from life’s daily demands, and as Kelly wisely said, hit the reset button. Since work […]

How to Take Amazing Vacation Photos

EDITOR’S NOTE: Team Camille Styles could easily be the founders of photographer Wynn Myers’ Fan Club. Her ethereal, colorful approach to photography always leaves us charmed and inspired. We all love seeing Wynn’s view of the world through her lens and getting to collaborate with her is an even bigger treat. After seeing her jaw dropping […]

How to Live Minimally

I am an accidental minimalist, mostly the result of making three cross-country moves in fewer than five years. As a result, I’ve learned to pack lightly, purchasing and keeping things that will be worth the schlep. But the more I’ve pared down, the more I’ve realized how owning less creates a lot of clarity. It […]

Weekend Notes

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend so far! Highlights of mine include: farmers market shop, breakfast banh mi at Elizabeth Street, long walk around ladybird lake, getting a massage from my amazing cousin who recently launched her biz (best thing that’s ever happened to me), grilling homemade pizzas, and finishing this completely addictive book. And the […]

Hit the Reset Button

For better or worse, I (kelly) live for seizing the moment. Because I’m a firm believer that every day has the potential to be the best one yet, I often have a hard time turning down any opportunity to spend time with family, friends or travel. I have an even harder time if it’s a […]

Floral Designer

Since moving to Austin eight years ago, floral designer Carly Blair has made quite a name for herself with her innovative and beautiful floral designs at Margot Blair Floral. Specializing in wedding and event designs, Carly describes her work as “edgy, romantic, and simply stunning.” We wholeheartedly agree and have been lucky enough to collaborate with […]

Weekend Notes

This weekend is for pulling on cozy socks, curling up with a good book, making big bowls of pasta, and pretending like it’s colder outside than it really is. After spending all of last weekend completely glued to my computer screen as we geared up for our new site launch, I’m determined to let emails wait […]

On My Nightstand

I might say this with the arrival of every new season, but seems to me that there’s no better time to stash a crop of new books on your nightstand than the cozy nights of early fall. Although the temp here in Austin is still hitting 90 degrees on some days, the tiniest hint at […]

Hong Kong

To say that Deana Saukam and Paul Qui are well-traveled and well-fed would be an understatement. In just the time we’ve been corresponding about this specific story, the couple has been to Hong Kong, Seattle, Vancouver, Alaska, Copenhagen, New York and Portland, and since the duo owns and operates some of Austin’s most renowned restaurants […]

How To Choose the Perfect Rug

If her entertaining style and coffee table styling skills didn’t already have you crushing on Ann Edgerton, something tells me today’s conversation is sure to do the trick. We invited the design guru behind Ann Lowe Design to give us a much-needed lesson in finding that elusive perfect rug… because most of us know what we like and know what we don’t like, but still think […]

How to Deal with Disappointment

I’m a pretty “glass half full” kind of gal, which serves me well except for those times when my assumptions that the best will happen don’t really pan out. It’s those times that I’m taken off-guard, shocked to learn that, occasionally, the worst does indeed happen. Today we’re talking about disappointment, that universal feeling that is an […]

Back-to-School Snack Ideas

Phoebe starts pre-school this Thursday. It’s only a couple mornings a week, but it already feels so surreal watching her try on her new backpack and adjust her pigtails as she gets ready to join the ranks of the “big kids.” How did 2-years-old come so quickly? Along with preschool comes another new milestone: school snacks! Such a […]