A Fitness Guru’s Weekly Food Journal

Between being a mom to her two toddlers and running iGnite, a holistic health and fitness program in Austin, that boasts an impressive lineup of sometimes as many as nine classes in a day, life is busy for Neissa Brown Springmann (photo by Nicole Mlakar). We asked this fit mama if she would keep a food […]

How Do You Start the Day?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live a balanced life — mainly, wondering if such a thing is even possible to achieve in today’s world (without moving to a remote cabin in the woods and living off my organic garden…which, some days, sounds quite lovely), or are we all destined […]

Office Style :: Mod Fitness

In honor of this month’s theme (Wellness), this edition of Office Style is all about exercise gear. We asked the stylish (and inspiringly fit) girls of South Austin fitness studio, MOD, to fill us in on their favorite brands and pieces to rock during one of the studio’s high energy classes that incorporates barre work, […]

How to Be Happier Now in 9 Simple Steps

Lately I’ve been on a quest of sorts — a quest to understand happiness. It started with watching documentaries about the human condition like I AM and 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama, and ultimately led me to stumble upon an incredible site called Happier. Happier is an app for your phone — I can […]

Butter Coffee: Miracle Drink or Crazy Health Fad?

When a tall, willowy beauty tells you she’ll spill the secret behind her svelte bod, high energy levels, and glowing skin, well, you get ready to take notes. Then, when she tells you that it all started when she began drinking coffee made with grass-fed butter, you stop and say… Huh?! (at least if you’re me.) That’s what […]

On My Nightstand

It seems that the busier life gets, the more nonfiction I read… maybe I feel like I’m being more “productive” with my downtime? Probably not the healthiest attitude, but I still have some real jewels in this month’s reading selections, from a look at why we all feel so overwhelmed and how to break the […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Kale, Orange & Hazelnut Salad

Although kale salads could probably win the prize for “trendiest food of 2014,” when I stumble across a really great one, I can’t help but become obsessed. A couple weeks ago, it happened again at the Mother’s Day brunch that we hosted at my house with Minted. Word of Mouth prepared the mouthwatering spread, and […]

Baby Registry Take Two with giggle

I can still remember walking through the big box baby store with the remote controlled clicker in hand selecting items to add to my registry that I thought I just couldn’t live without…I dreamt of a germ-free life where I always had one of those cushioned grocery cart seat covers on hand for every trip […]

Field Trip :: Spring Cocktails with NO VA

Now that sunshine is well under way, afternoon cocktails on the patio and happy hours by the bar have become routine after long workdays. So when NO VA Kitchen & Bar on Rainey Street offered to teach us the secrets to the refreshing, seasonal cocktails we crave this time of year, we were all in. Our team […]

Love + Work :: Gail Chovan and Evan Voyles

Meeting Gail and Evan, one quickly gets the sense of a rare and truly artistic union. She, with her untamed blonde hair and strikingly tall frame dressed in signature black. He, with his broken-in denim and rugged good looks. Together, they’re the perfectly unexpected combination of yen and yang, and as a couple have been […]

Entertaining With :: Justine & Pierre

Even if you’ve never met Justine and Pierre, there’s a good chance you’ve had a taste of what they cook up at their dinner parties. As the creative and culinary masterminds behind the famed Justine’s, the talented duo has taken their talents to the masses, serving up mouth-watering french fare at their East Austin restaurant. […]

How to Create a Gallery Wall with Minted

The elusive gallery wall…what is just the right amount of photos to hang? How do you make the design look intentional without being perfect? When it came to decorating our new office space, we went straight to our favorite source for all things paper goods, Minted. All of their art prints are sourced exclusively from […]