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9 Ways To Organize and Prep Your Home for Fall, According to an Expert

Marie Kondo’s got nothing on you.

By Phoebe Neuman

Sure there’s spring cleaning and New Year’s organization, but anyone who attempts to keep a home even semi-together knows that it’s a year-round battle of streamlining. This is exactly why we’ve tapped Lisa Ruff, the expert behind Neat Method, to serve up the best organization tips to get your home ready for one of the busiest seasons of the year.

Whether you’re prepping little ones to go back to school, or settling yourself into a new routine at work, fall is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time to focus on and conquer some goals before the holidays hit.

So why not set your home up for success? Using Ruff’s organization tips below, you’ll learn to prioritize what areas of your space you should focus on organizing and then, most importantly, be able to keep it that way. Read on, queue up an autumnal playlist or podcast, and get busy polishing your space.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Camille Styles living room_organization tips
Image of Camille’s living room by Kristen Kilpatrick

9 Organization Tips To Prep Your Home for Fall

1. Start by organizing the space that’s most impacting your day-to-day

Are you not motivated to exercise because it’s a hassle to untangle your leggings? Is getting your kids out the door in the morning a stressfest? The positive impact of organizing those spaces will motivate you to keep going on the rest of your home. However, do not start with the space that requires editing your beloved graphic tee collection! That’s best saved for after you have a few rooms under your belt and you’re already reveling in the benefits of living in an organized home.

2. Think small

You need enough time to completely finish the project or else unwanted items will slowly creep back in. It’s not just editing and organizing, you may also need to run out and purchase an organizational product or make a donation drop for the items you no longer want.  

Camille Styles cozy home_organization tips
Image by Kristen Kilpatrick

3. Utilize negative (or white) space properly

This is one of our favorite organization tips. It’s very important in all homes, but especially in small spaces. Creating white space gives your eyes a rest, creates a sense of calm, and ensures easy access to items. So resist the urge to fill a closet or shelving to capacity and aim for ruthless editing. If there’s plenty of space to grab an item and easily put it away, you’ll be more likely to put it back in the correct spot and not just shove it where it fits.

4. Re-organize your space anytime you experience a major life change

If you’ve recently moved, gotten a new roommate, or are welcoming a baby, then it’s time for an overhaul. Otherwise, periodic “touch-ups” should be enough to maintain organizational systems, especially after a busy work week or the holidays.

People are surprised to learn that being organized is not “one and done.” It’s an ongoing process. But touch-ups will go quickly when done on a weekly or daily basis. For example, when you put away your grocery shopping, take five minutes to put things back into their place. More frequent touch-ups will go faster and help maintain the organization.

Catt Sadler's closet
Image of Catt Sadler’s closet by Michelle Nash

5. Involve everyone who lives in the home from the beginning and ask for their input

The more invested they are in the project, the more likely they will maintain the organization. Also, realize that being organized means something different to everyone. Just like life, it’s about compromise so everyone feels comfortable at home. But there’s no reason you can’t go full Martha Stewart on your underwear or personal bathroom drawer!

6. Utilize out-of-the-way shelving and storage spots to store seasonal decorations and items

Transparent bins with lids are the perfect option so you can quickly see what’s inside and stack a few to take advantage of vertical storage. One of the most important organizational tips we can give is to always recommend labeling long-term storage bins.

Liana Levi closet_organization tips
Image of Liana Levi’s closet

7. Prioritize organizing certain spaces during certain seasons

As seasons change, it makes sense to take stock of items that are in current rotation. In the transition to fall, take a look at your outdoor items, plastic glassware, pool towels, bathing suits, etc. Are they still sparking joy at the end of the season? If so, clean them up and store them away. If not, donate them to someone else who will love them.

8. Prep your home for fall

For many, fall is an opportunity to get cozy at home and entertain. That means that spaces like kitchens, pantries, bar carts, and guest rooms are seeing a lot of love. Schedule some time to touch up these spaces. Maybe move the margarita glasses and pool towels to the back of the shelf or long-term storage to give the red wine glasses and throw blankets some extra room. 

9. Everyone should have a bin or bag within easy reach for no longer needed items

Once it’s full, make a donation drop-off. Often an unwanted item is put back because in the rush of the moment there’s no time to track down a bag to put it in and then a place for the bag to sit. Carve out a small space in your home for the bin to live in. you’ll thank us later.