After nearly 10 years of working elbow-to-elbow with my team members every day, it was finally time to carve out a little private area for myself at the office. To be clear, this was more for them than it was for me: I’m that person who likes to spend the first 30 minutes of the workday catching up on last night’s Big Little Lies episode, suggest random team brainstorms while people are right in the middle of working, and roll my chair up next to Chanel’s just to see what she’s got going on that day. Fun? Yes. Efficient? Not so much. And as we’ve grown, it’s become increasingly important to have the occasional closed-door meeting to discuss sensitive topics or do one-on-one goal setting and evaluations.

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A few months back, I moved my desk into the little blank slate room we use for photo shoots and setup shop. At first I was kinda lonely, but that was largely due to the hacked-together furniture layout that did nothing to make me feel excited to get to the office each day. And it wasn’t really a conducive spot for good conversations or meeting with anyone from the outside world. Here’s the “before” (below.) See what I mean?

I knew it was time for a change, and when I got a sneak preview of Target’s new home collection for winter, my vision for the space started to take shape. I wanted to reinvent my little corner of the office as an earthy, bohemian space with cozy textures that made me want to curl up at my desk, kick off my shoes, and dive into work. Like my own little “she shed,” but not (’cause that phrase is kinda the worst, don’t you think?)

Okay, so let’s start with a refresher course on the space. For those of you who are newer to the site, you may have missed the total renovation we did on the 100-year-old bungalow that became Camille Styles HQ. You can catch up on all that here, but in a nutshell: although we took it down to the studs, we were able to maintain lots of the historic charm that gives the space character. This white shiplap covering the walls and ceilings, for one. When we first got our hands on the bungalow, the walls were old, dingy drywall which we ripped off to find… original shiplap! Our builder was a little baffled that I wanted to save it, but I told him to trust me: we cleaned it, added insulation, and then covered it all with a thick coat of white paint. We added the french doors that open up to the patio to flood this room with all the good light.

Even though this is technically my “private” office, I wanted it to feel like a space that anyone could walk into any time, sit down and shoot the breeze or let off steam. This little two person table and chairs creates the perfect conversation area for a tiny space and makes the room feel so much bigger than it actually is.

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I like to keep the surface of my desk clean and organized with a few inspiring touches. A cup full of good black pens makes me feel ready to take on the day, and I’ve always got a notebook or two for jotting down inspiration, a great scented candle with matches, my headphones for when I need to hunker down and work without interruption, and a big carafe of filtered water that I fill up every morning to refill my glass and stay super hydrated throughout the day. Flowers or eucalyptus branches are an added touch that bring the outdoors in and feel like a little treat to myself when I settle into my desk each morning.

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I love having an inspiration board in my office with images of things that are currently speaking to me — but in the past, they’ve always ended up feeling kinda messy. These white wood framed boards are perfectly in line with the style of my office and keep the images feeling more contained and thoughtful. I used wooden push pins to hang all the images in uniform vertical lines which also helps it feel intentional, not chaotic. Since we set a new editorial theme for the site at the beginning of each season, I’m taking that opportunity to rework my inspiration boards with new ideas that are inspiring me, quotes that are speaking to me, and images that usher in the new season.

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It’s really important to me that our entire office be filled with good energy and happy vibes, so I encourage everyone on the team to take time out for a good lunch away from their desks (I’m actually the worst at this), and even break for a good foam rolling sesh or breathwork moment to get re-energized during that 3pm afternoon slump. Yoga blocks, big cushions, and a plush rug are so inviting that I’ll happily get down on the floor to stretch it out or take a few minutes to meditate.

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Since my office was getting updated, I thought it was the perfect time to give our team workspace a refresh, too! New chairs in an earthy shade of wood add an organic vibe, and the layered rugs bring those boho vibes into this space, too. When we first designed the bungalow, we went with a white-on-white look that was clean and fresh, but could also feel a little cold in the winter months. Adding these additional textures and muted shades just warmed everything up and made it feel cozy and inviting.

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We’ve said it before: there’s no easier or more affordable way to totally transform a space than with beautiful indoor plants. I love this rattan plant stand that provided the perfect perch for gathering several of our favorite plants together, and we chose easy-to-grow varieties that like lots of light since this room is all windows. Pro tip: we added a few of Target’s great faux plants, too, like this fiddle leaf fig. When mixed with the real, you can’t tell which is which! Layering in the faux adds even more lushness and is a great hack for those of us born without the green thumb gene.

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There’s no better feeling than doing what you love in a space that inspires you. Whether you have an office or work from home, it’s true that just a few updates can totally change the way you feel about work — and the new year is the perfect time to make it happen!

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Hannah Haston