Even though I don’t have kids yet (though I’ll become a mama in just a few weeks!), I’ve always loved browsing nurseries and kids’ rooms. For most design-loving parents, these spaces tend to act as a place to let creativity blossom a little more than the rest of the house. Color, shape, and pattern somehow feel less intimidating when working on a child’s bedroom, and the result is almost always a space that’s inspired and unexpected. The key to pulling it off?

Forget having a “theme.” Instead, look to colors, motifs and materials you love, throw any design “rules” out the window, and let your imagination run wild.

No one knows this better than the stylish homeowners we’ve featured on Camille Styles over the years — just take it from these 12 unforgettable kids rooms.

Lauren Cunningham designed a room for her older son that’s about simple materials and unexpected graphics.

Her younger son enjoys a nursery that’s bright and airy, with mid-century modern furnishings.

We love the unexpected mix of pattern in this bedroom designed by the bold Kristin Gish.

Katherine Fluor’s baby’s nursery is a total reflection of her personal style — beachy and bohemian.

Pink and pattern are done oh-so-right in Lulu’s bedroom, designed by her color-loving mother Kim.

Ann Edgerton’s signature minimalist style is on display in this serene corner of her son Wiley’s bedroom.

The pattern-filled bunk room in Hayley’s colorful beachside home is just one example of the family’s laid back, playful style.

Pastels, stripes, and everything nice make the shared bedroom in this Texas home the envy of our pre-teen selves.

Much like in the rest of her Malibu home, Serena Mitnik Miller kept her baby boy’s room simple and clutter-free.

This big girl bedroom designed by Anne Hepfer is fit for a princess.

Timeless classics were key for Marie Flanigan when designing this soft space.

Every little girls room needs a chandelier and a teepee — just take it from this pattern-filled room in Kim West’s craftsman home.

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