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This Jaw-Dropping Nursery Has the Prettiest Wallpaper We’ve Ever Seen

Trés chic.

By Cristina Cleveland
gucci nursery

It’s Gucci. I’m just going to start by answering the question I think we all have on our minds: the wallpaper is Gucci. And it just might be the most fabulous wallpaper there ever was. Interior designer Tamara Magel used it in this luxe Amagansette nursery, but this room is inspiring whether you’re designing for baby, a guest room, or giving your own room a refresh.

The Wallpaper

Is there anything more decadent than Gucci-lined walls? In the event that you’re looking for a more affordable option, I did find heron print wallpaper options on Etsy and even Home Depot! If you look closely you’ll see that Tamara Magel didn’t actually wallpaper from wall to wall, it is confined within panel moulding. Alternatively you could use a large picture frame and frame the wallpaper. This would give you a similar effect while minimizing your expenses.


Magel brilliantly leaned in to the avian inspiration and went with a feathered light fixture. Alternatively, a paper lantern would achieve similar shape, volume, and diffused light.


The cb2 daybed below is a great sleeping and seating solution for a spare room. While I love the rattan frame, I would recommend buying either a mattress topper or a different mattress as this one is not the most comfortable for long term use.

Subtle nursery touches

The classic Hanns-Peter Krafft sheep is from Gardeshop and provides a subtle nod to nursery, but overall the room feels very grown up. If you prefer nursery accessories that are more understated like this, look for neutral pieces in sculptural shapes like the gold zodiac print and cloud pillow below.


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Inspiration room designed by Tamara Magel, heron print wallpaper Gucci (similar on Etsy), feathered light fixture, saucer pendant light DWR, daybed cb2, campaign dresser Vintage Refined Decor, sheep, cloud pillow Etsy, zodiac print by Jennifer Ament