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2 Delicious Menus for a Healthy Summertime Brunch

They’re both eggselent.

By Katherine Fluor

The words “Sunday brunch” stir up memories of a sunny table surrounded by friends, happily eating huevos rancheros over bottomless mimosas and laughing about everything that happened over the weekend. But since friend time is few and far between with our current COVID reality, I’m looking for ways to celebrate the weekend at home with family — and one of the beautiful things about a home-cooked brunch is that it can be a lot healthier than what I’d typically get in a restaurant.

Since I’m hosting Father’s Day for my family this weekend, I’m planning a brunch that feels extra special but doesn’t leave us so full that we can’t get outside for our traditional post-lunch football game.

I’ve put together two different brunch ideas that are equally delicious — I’m still on the fence about which menu to go with, so scroll through them and cast your votes in the comments. Let me know what you’re cooking up this weekend, and I hope these two menus inspire some yummy at-home brunches all summer long.

Chanel Dror setting the table at the CS Bungalow in Austin, Texas.

Theme 1: A Mexican-Inspired Brunch

Green Pea Guacamole is healthy and full of plant-based protein

Appetizer: Green Pea Guacamole

Okay, let’s start by saying: I never really feel guilty about eating guacamole. Healthy fat-filled avocados, fresh cilantro and tomatoes, refreshing lime juice – what’s not to love? But since my guac is often accompanied by not-so-good-for-you tortilla chips and margaritas, I like to pack in some extra health benefits where I can — enter: green peas thrown in to the mix! Aside from the health benefits, they add a delicious heftiness to the texture and a satisfying sweetness. ‘Cause yes, green peas are naturally really sweet!

Spicy Mexican Baked Eggs with Queso Fresco & AvocadoMain: Mexican Baked Eggs

I’ve long been a fan of any type of baked egg and veggie concoction (hello, shakshuka) and it seems that just about every culture has a version of their own. Aside from Israeli shakshuka, the french have eggs en cocotte, Japanese have their egg custard (which I can totally pass on), but my very favorite way to eat baked eggs are in a skillet full of Mexican-inflected flavors. For being so damn delicious, this recipe is also surprisingly clean and healthy. And don’t tell anyone, but I cheat big time when I make these by using one genius shortcut ingredient: store-bought pico! Because breakfast-time is way too early to be chopping onions and tomatoes and jalapeños.

tomato, avocado, & cucumber salad with feta - simple summer salad recipe

Side: Tomato, Avocado, & Cucumber Salad

THIS tomato, avocado, and cucumber salad is the one we can’t stop eating. It’s super adaptable, too – for this menu I’d swap the feta for cotija, and use cilantro for the fresh herbs on top.

Cocktail: Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas

When it comes to cocktails, tequila drinks are my go-to – so it’s fun to spice things up and add some new flavors for an extra kick. Plus, I try to avoid the excess sugar (and accompanied headache) from restaurant versions. I’ve been eyeing all of the vibrant, in-season citrus at the supermarket lately, and bonus points that the grapefruit juice here adds an extra punch of vitamin C, plus the perfect combo of tart and sweet that I crave. Plus, if you like your drinks on the spicier side, the jalapeño adds some heat to this refreshing cocktail.

Have a build-your-own avocado toast party!

Theme 2: A Tropical-Inspired Build Your Own Avocado Toast Bar

Build your own avocado toast!

Main: BYO Avocado Toasts

This type of interactive meal makes things easy on the host and gives guests a fun activity that gets them chatting with each other. When deciding on your toppings, think outside the box!  It’s all about an inventive mash-up of textures and flavors with this spread. When hosting our Sunday Funday, we used used avocado, thinly sliced watermelon radishes (delicious on almost anything) and beets, chickpeas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sprouts and fresh lime juice.

Here are some other ideas for creative combos!

  • Spinach, hard boiled egg, sriracha
  • Radishes, pea shoots, lemon
  • Bacon, dried rosemary
  • Sliced pears, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts

pecan and coconut granola with yogurt and berries

Side: Pecan and Coconut Granola with Yogurt and Berries

Granola is one of my biggest weaknesses. I think it’s something about that sweet-salty-crunchy combo; if I know it’s in the pantry, resistance is futile. Since I’m not planning to ban granola from my life any time soon, I’ve been making lots of homemade versions that are way healthier than the processed sugar-laden ones you usually find at the store, and I’ve officially crowned this one the clear winner. Served alongside a scoop of greek yogurt and berries with a drizzle of honey over it all, it’s hard to think of a more delicious way to start the day.

aperol spritz

Cocktail: Ginger-Citrus Aperol Spritz

This simple recipe is a perfect base for adding any combination of garnishes that you’d like. I like to keep mine fresh with clementines, blueberries, cucumber, and basil. Cut thin slices of your favorite citrus fruit and place around the inside of your glass for a pretty finish. Fill the glass with ice cubes to keep the citrus slices in place, and top with a cocktail pick full of garnishes.