10 Unique Ways to Celebrate the Dad Who Has Everything

You can do better than a World’s Greatest Dad mug.

By Katherine Fluor
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The beginning of June is often met with long days in the sun, late nights on the patio, and extra quality time with friends and family – preferably with a pitcher of fresh jalapeño margaritas. If you’re like us, you also find yourself sitting by the barbecue with Dad asking him what he wants for Father’s Day, all the while knowing that his response will be the same as last year (and the year before.)

So, what do you get for the guy that deserves everything but already seems to have it all? The key is to take one of dad’s original life lessons and remember that actions speak louder than words, or in this case, material possessions.

This year, we’re treating our dads to something unexpected, fun, and more memorable than the usual tie or tech gadget. Scratching your head for ideas? We’ve got you covered with ways to show every type of dad how much they mean to you this Father’s Day.

photo via up knörth

1. An Outdoor Adventure

Reverse the usual roles with Dad, and take the reins at planning a camping trip or a day out on the water. Studies show that spending time outdoors greatly reduces levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. With the warm weather officially upon us, there’s no better time to trade in the loafers for flip flops or hiking boots.

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2. A Spin in His Dream Car 

It’s time to give Dad the ride of his life (literally!) Rent his dream car for a day, and watch his eyes light up as he takes the wheel, and leaves his worries in the dust.

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3. Online Master Classes Series

If your dad is the skilled intellectual type, or has been trying to carve out the time to take lessons for a new hobby, bring the teacher to him. The MasterClass series has on-demand videos for the lifelong learner, taught by the world’s top leaders. If he’s looking to sharpen his basketball skills, Steph Curry is there to teach his top dribbling, ball handling, and scoring tips. If he has always had an eye for photography, but wants to take his camera dabbling to the next level, there’s no one better than the legendary Annie Leibovitz to break down the creative process with.

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4. A Private Tour of Your Local Brewery

Sip, Sip, hooray to all he has done for you. And what better way to celebrate than doing beer flights together?

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5. A Homemade Documentary Video

Many of us don’t realize how easy it is to create a movie with our smartphones. Apps like iMovie and Pinnacle Studio Pro make the process fun and seamless. A short video that is all about what he means to you is sure to pull the heart strings of even the toughest dads out there. You can make this a solo tribute, or get the whole family in on it and film 2-3 minutes of each sibling saying why they love Dad, or their favorite story/memory.

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6. A Vintage Cap + Tickets to His Favorite Ballgame

What’s better than a gift the whole family can get in on? Get him tickets to see his favorite sports team, and enjoy an afternoon of bonding fueled by hot dogs, beer, and plenty of stadium banter. Also, a vintage cap of his favorite team to sport during the game could make it that much sweeter.

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7. His Favorite Home Cooked Meal

The popular phrase ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ may not be true for all, but we’re willing to bet Dad will love time in the kitchen prepping his favorite meal together, or watching afar from the couch with the game on (it is his day!) If the thought of trying to nail his favorite dish leaves you shaky at the knees, we suggest you bust out these easy steaks or fajitas on the grill. Both recipes are sure to leave clean plates, happy bellies, and office bragging rights about the BBQ master he’s raised, come Monday.

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8. Plant a Garden

Gardening could be a great new hobby for dads that want to spend more time outdoors and reduce stress levels. Help him get started with a visit to the local nursery together to pick out some new greenery and colorful florals that will bring his yard to life. Plus, with new research backing the benefits of gardening for mental health and well-being, it’s a win-win.

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9. Kombucha Home Brew Kit

We love this fizzy health drink, and we bet Dad will too, (especially if he’s off the booze!) He’ll have all sorts of fun coming up with his own flavors, and finding new ways to torment Mom with that SCOBY.

photo via hazel + folk

10. Tandem Skydiving Lessons

Even though Dad may have had to bury his adrenalin junkie antics years ago, he still probably craves the rush. Book Tandem skydiving lessons, and laugh about how he screamed louder than you did the whole way home, (make sure you get the video to prove it, too!)