Your Snowed-In Workout Plan

By Camille Styles

When it comes to working out, I’m a big believer in consistency: I feel so much better when I get moving and do something active every single day, even if it’s small like taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood or running around the yard with Phoebe. Working these simple forms of exercise into normal life is usually easy, except for when winter weather gets in the way of getting outside. In honor of the current chilly temps, thought I’d tap one of my favorite fit girls, Tyler Haney of Outdoor Voices, who always seems to be working out and having fun, to get her secrets to working out indoors, no gym membership required. Click through the slides for her top tips.

*photos by Naomi Shon 

Tyler (or Ty, as she’s known to her friends) is the creator of chic recreational apparel company Outdoor Voices (I’ve been addicted to their comfy, stylish pieces for awhile now.) The brand speaks to those of us who love being active but aren’t defined by it, who may dabble in pilates, yoga and jogging, and want to be social with our friends while we work out. OV’s pieces bridge the gap between function and aesthetic, and are made for the girl who weaves physical activity right into her daily routine — which is why I knew Tyler would have some great tips for keeping this lifestyle going even when the weather makes it a challenge. These photos by Naomi Shon were shot on location at The Standard Hollywood, and are a welcome reminder that sunnier days are ahead.

models are wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoal, warmup leggings in light and dark greysteeplechase sports bra in ash grey, warmup leggings in ash grey

Ty’s tip #1: Adopt the Outdoor Voices mindset!

  • Play like a kid.
  • Do what feels good.
  • Be nice to your body, be patient and kind, especially when it feels tight and resists you.

models are wearing: athena crop top in splintered dove grey, warmup leggings in light and dark greyracerback tank top in charcoal, warmup leggings in ash grey

2. Prep the space.

Wash the air by bringing more plants into your space: they’re incredibly good at removing toxins from the air, leaving you with beautiful clean H20 that helps you focus on breathing in and out of your body. As you focus on your breathing, it’s nice to know the air is clean.

model is wearing: warmup leggings in light and dark grey

3. Fuel up.

Tyler recommends eating a healthy mix of protein and carbs for optimum pre-workout energy: a banana and avocado toast are her go-to picks.

model is wearing: warmup leggings in light and dark grey

4. Turn on some tunes.

This is a must to amp up the fun factor, and Ty provided us with her current fave playlist on Spotify that includes picks from Night Beds, The War on Drugs, Chet Faker, Blood Orange, and other cool (and unexpected) artists to get you moving.

Listen to Ty’s Workout Tunes here.

models are wearing: warmup leggings in charcoal, racerback tank top in charcoal, warmup leggings in navy and charcoal, steeplechase sports bra in charcoal

5. Grab your necessary equipment.

  • Jump Rope
  • Blanket or Firm Pillow
  • Yoga Mat or Rug

model is wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoal

6. Grab your non-necessary (but nice) equipment.

  • Eucalyptus Towel: Dampen a small towel and add a drop of eucalyptus oil. Keep it near you as you go through the workout series and use to cool yourself down and wipe away sweat.
  • Hot water with lemon
  • A friend.

model is wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoal, warmup leggings in charcoal

Now let’s get specific with… Ty’s indoor workout routine!


Jump Rope Jog. The Jump Rope is my favorite workout tool, because every time I pick it up fond playground memories come rushing in — I usually start every session with a proper Jump Rope Jog. It’s simple: set your phone timer for 7 minutes and get to it. I like to alternate between running in place (1 foot on the ground at a time) and then begin alternating adding in two-footed jumps and single-footed jumps. This will get your body warm and is also great for strengthening your ankles and lower legs.

models are wearing: steeplechase sports in charcoal, warmup leggings in light and dark grey, steeplechase sports bra in ash grey, warmup leggings in ash grey


Pushup Countdown. They’re the old classic, but truly they’re important and lend themselves nicely to an interiors workout. I like to do waterfall sets. I start with 10 pushups, take a small break, then 9 and so on until I count all the way down to 1. Once you hit 1 it’s back up to 10. These are super important for maintaining upper back strength and sculpting your whole shoulder silhouette.

model is wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoal, warmup leggings in navy and charcoal, catch me if you can hoodie in ash grey, light and dark grey warmup leggings


Hundreds. My favorite, and certainly a scorcher. Let’s go! Lie on your back with your knees bent and up in the air making a 90-degree angle. Reach your arms straight up to the sky, palms facing forward. Take a big breath in and on your exhale lift your head up off the ground until your shoulder blades are just off the mat. Abdominal engaged (especially the very low deep muscles at your bikini line). Looking forward beginning pumping your arms at 1 second beats (the distance up and down is minimal – an inch or two). Next comes the Hundreds part to this — inhale deeply for 5 beats (1 up and down with the arms for each beat). As you inhale imagine your rib cage expanding like an accordion seeping air into every little nook of the ribs. On the exhale, think of spitting out the air in short percussive breaths for 5 beats while continuing the rhythm with the hands. Continue for 10 sets of breaths – a total of 100 beats.

model is wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoalwarmup leggings in navy and charcoal


Air Walking. Lie face down at the end of your bed or sofa, feet on floor. Grasp mattress. Raise one leg slowly to horizontal position, hold. Lower gradually. Repeat 20 times each leg.

Leg Pendulum. At the kitchen counter, stand balanced (hold support if necessary.) Slowly draw up right leg from hip, draw in stomach. Using right butt muscle, move right leg backward then up, keeping leg straight. Release butt muscle and slowly lower leg. Repeat 20 times each leg. Then do the same with leg lifting out to the side and up.

model is wearing: athena crop top in charcoalknee cap leggings in light and dark grey


Final Resting Pose. Place a folded blanket, firm pillow, or block on the ground. Position the main part of the bolster underneath your shoulder blades as you lay face up to the ceiling making sure the blanket is supporting your head and spine. Hips should be resting on the ground. Bring the bottoms of your feet together and pull your heels to your bottom letting your knees drop to either side. Then raise your arms above you and slowly lower them down to either side with the back of each resting on the ground and palms up. Focus on your breathing and allow your body to feel a gentle, gradually deepening release across the front of your body. Stay here for 5 – 10 minutes setting your intention for the day and completely letting your body parts fall into place with the gentle pull of gravity.

models are wearing: athena crop top in charcoal, warmup leggings in charcoal


While brushing teeth or making coffee: place a tennis ball under the arch of your foot and press down. Begin moving your foot in a clockwise circle, moving the ball from arch to ball to heel. Reverse. Your feet often need and will definitely appreciate the massage!

model is wearing: athena crop top in splintered ash grey

Big thanks to Tyler for stopping by and sharing her living room workout tips — I know that I’m already looking forward to setting my alarm for 6am tomorrow and starting the day with a sweat session – no matter the forecast!

And if you’re like me, the best motivation to workout is slipping on some cute new workout clothes — so do yourself a favor and hop on over to checkout Outdoor Voices‘ latest collection!

models are wearing: steeplechase sports bra in charcoalwarmup leggings in light and dark greysteeplechase sports bra in ash greywarmup leggings in ash grey