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Can the Right Lighting Make or Break a Party?

June 4th, 2018

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t have a good time in harsh overhead lighting,” this was (like all of my best jokes) not a joke at all when I said it in our Monday morning meeting. Lately we’ve been talking about why certain parties are so much fun, and others just… aren’t. That’s why we’ve decided to kick off a new mini series on the makings of a fun party where we’ll be breaking down exactly what makes a party fun, from the guest list to the playlist. Chanel tackled the guest list last week, and today I’m focusing on our second topic: lighting.

All great hosts and restauranteurs know that lighting is one of the most consequential elements of atmosphere — you set the mood instantly when you light a candle or turn a dimmer. It’s when lighting is a mere afterthought (or not even considered at all) that a meal or get-together feels entirely unspecial. Fortunately, designing the perfect lighting arrangement for your next party is super easy and doesn’t have to cost much, either.

Read on my pro tips on how to light your space for optimum FUN!

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  1. Eva says:

    I love this post! And I feel like you can never go wrong with outdoor twinkle lights. They are always whimsical!

    Eva |

  2. Jalene says:

    Lighting really does make a huge difference in the feel of a house!!! I am ultra sensitive to bad lighting 🙂

  3. ewilliams966 says:

    Outstanding article. I never thought about it until now and you make so much sense. I thank you.

  4. Hydie J Johnson says:

    thank you for sharing, you are absolutely right when it comes to lighting it dose make all the difference

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