25 One-Pot Dinner Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals

Dutch oven = your new BFF.

By Camille Styles
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Few things are as life-saving as one-pot dinner recipes. Is there anything better than walking in the front door after a long day of work, throwing a few quickly-prepped ingredients into one big pot, and letting the whole dish cook itself on the stove while you run a hot bath to soak the day away?

Okay actually, this scenario never happens at our house because I’m usually met at the door by one kid begging for snacks because she’s starvvving and the other kid grabbing my hand to show me how he created a new painting—on the playroom wall. But still, one-pot dinner recipes are a lifesaver since I still don’t have time to be standing around the stove all evening or cleaning multiple pans once the dinner rush is done.

It doesn’t matter the season or time of year, it’s always a good time to check out these satisfying, warming, and comforting dishes. One of the best qualities of these hearty one-pot meals is that they can be super healthy (think a little meat, lots of winter root veggies, and loads of spices and aromatics) but feel as hearty and stick-to-your-ribs as the best kind of comfort food. No matter what dietary restrictions you may have or how many picky eaters you are dealing with, you can’t go wrong with one-pot dinner recipes—they’re as crowd-pleasing as they are convenient and easy to throw together.

Read on for the 25 one-pot dinner recipes that’ll be on constant rotation at our house over the next few months.
one pan zucchini and cheese lasagna from half baked harvest
Zucchini and Three Cheese Lasagna from Half Baked Harvest

Load up on this absolutely dreamy lasagna for a cheesy, healthy, and absolutely sumptuous dinner.

baked salmon from camille styles
Slow Baked Citrus Salmon With Chilis and Fennel

This super-nutritious and tasty meal is a breeze to make and even easier to clean up after.

sweet potato veg chili from love and lemons
Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes from Love and Lemons

How fabulous are all the colors in this veggie chili?

pumpkin chickpea curry
Pumpkin Chickpea Curry

This beautifully aromatic dish has all the components for the perfect one-pot dinner recipe: it’s easy, quick, delicious, and convenient.

bon apetit french onion soup
French Onion Soup from Bon Appetit

Kick your evening up a notch with a decadent and delicious French onion soup. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

chicken tagine
Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Give this lovely dish a spin next time you’re craving chicken. It’s one of my favorite go-to one-pot dinner recipes!

parmesan truffle risotto a couple cooks
Parmesan Truffle Risotto from A Couple Cooks 

I can practically taste this gorgeous risotto recipe through the screen! It’s a must-try.

lemongrass eggplant curry from green kitchen stories
Eggplant and Brussels Sprout Curry from Green Kitchen Stories

Get those veggies in with this flavorful curry from Green Kitchen Stories.

jerk chicken and veggies
Jerk Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

The combination of perfectly spiced chicken and sweet potatoes makes for a seriously delicious one-pot dinner recipe.

Sweet Potato Vichyssoise from DesignLoveFest

If you’re a fan of sweet potatoes or leeks, you definitely won’t want to miss this dish!

Vegetable Packed Kitchari

There’s nothing like a warming bowl of Kitchari when you’re starting to feel under the weather.

easy tomato soupEasy Tomato Soup from A Gouda Life

Elevate your next bowl of tomato soup with this sumptuously delicious one-pot recipe from The Gouda Life.

coq au riesling
Coq au Riesling from Simply Delicious

You’ll be coming back for seconds after you try this chicken booked with white wine, cream, and mushrooms.

chicken immunity soup
Turmeric Chicken Soup

Sometimes we need a little immunity boost and this chicken soup is just the ticket to get that done.

baked penne with spinach and tomates from bev cooks
Baked Penne With Spinach and Tomatoes from Bev Cooks

Baked pasta dishes are a simple and easy way to get a full meal done quickly and with a little-to-no mess.

Classic Shakshuka

This traditional baked egg dish is one of my family’s most loved one-pot dinner recipes.

creamy spinach lentils from pinch of yum
Creamy Spinach Lentils from Pinch of Yum

This dinner dish is jam-packed with nutrients while also being filling and insanely tasty.

baked salmon
Roasted Chili-Orange Salmon With Garlic and Green Veggies

This baked salmon dish is as easy to make as it is fragrant, flavorful, and nutritious.

tomato poached eggs with kale and wheat berries
Tomato Poached Eggs With Kale and Wheat Berries from Not Without Salt

Put a little spin on your everyday baked eggs recipe with this variation on a traditional shakshuka.

orzo with shrimp and zucchini from foodie crush

One-Pot Mexican Shrimp With Orzo and Zucchini from Foodie Crush

This unexpected flavor combination is also a textural delight!

smoky black eyed peas and greens from minimalist baker

Smoky Black Eyed Peas and Greens from Minimalist Baker

This vegan dish is a great way to get some essential vitamins and minerals into your body while also being absolutely scrumptious.

one pot pasta with kale and sausage from fed and fit

One-Pot Pasta With Italian Sausage and Kale from Fed and Fit

This dish comes together in minutes, making it the perfect meal for a busy weeknight.

penne pasta with turkey and spinach from foodie crush

Penne Pasta With Turkey and Spinach from Foodie Crush

Count me in for this insanely healthy one-pot dinner recipe. It’s loaded with nutrients to help you feel good.

chicken mulligatawny soup from spoon fork bacon

Chicken Mulligatawny Soup from Spoon Fork Bacon

This variation on a traditional Indian soup recipe is perfect when you want a rich, wholesome meal that can come together quickly.

mexican hot pot with avocado from half baked harvest

Mexican Hot Pot With Avocado Crema from Half Baked Harvest

Hop on the hot pot wagon with this nourishing take on Mexican chicken soup.