Being a grown-up in the summertime can get tricky — if you’re not careful, you just might spend the whole season talking about how hot it is outside. This little bucket list is here to remind you to stop and savor the season while you still can. From hot dogs to temporary tattoos, some things never really get old. Scroll down to discover 10 freewheeling ways you can embrace this summer right in your own backyard.

image by aestheticstweet

Drive around with the windows down and wet hair (bonus points for blasting PRIDE radio.)

image by buff strickland

Eat a hot dog with all the fixings and LET YOURSELF LOVE IT.

image by inkbox

Get a temporary tattoo.

photo by kate zimmerman turpin 

Surprise the kids with a cannonball!

image by nicole mkalar

Instead of happy hour, meet your friends at a snow cone stand.

image by buff strickland

Host a backyard movie night.

image by lucy laucht

Skip the gym and swim laps at a city pool on your lunch break.

image by suku home

Pick a Saturday and sleep in like you’re in high school.

image by nicole mkalar

Ditch your devices and treat yourself to an armful of printed magazines for the pool.

image by janni deler

Take an outdoor shower.

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