Camille Styles

6 Sleep Potions for a Better Night’s Sleep

October 11th, 2018

Since October is the month of dreams around here, let’s cut right to the chase: you can’t get into that dreamy state without first falling into a deep, restorative sleep. For some, sleep comes so naturally we’ve barely given it a thought. For the rest of us, the very idea of not having to “think” about getting a good night’s sleep sounds like a total luxury since at some point in our lives, we’ve experienced how elusive it can be. As one who falls into the latter group, I like to take a proactive approach when it comes to a truly restful night. A big part of my strategy is mental and another important component is healthy habits, but I’ve also got a few products up my sleeve that aid in sleepytime… or at least trick my body into thinking they do. Hey, even if there’s a little placebo effect at work here, if it helps me sleep? I’m into it. Scroll on for 6 slumber-inducing products that are so effective, I’d almost call them magic.


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  1. Molly Duncan says:

    Kavinace is great! My husband dealt with a bad bout of insomnia a few years ago, and his nutritionist recommended this. It was hugely helpful for his sleep, and now he and I both use it as needed before a big day or something seemingly anxiety-inducing.

    Also! Hearing all sorts of things about these weighted blankets and definitely intrigued.

  2. Cynthia Guillen says:

    Molly, thank you for your feedback on Kaviance because I really want to try it. Also read the reviews on the site and they were positive too.

  3. Nicole H says:

    I tried Kavinace and it worked but I read somewhere that it was not good for you so I stopped. I should look at it again. I also tried the Klova sleep patches. The work and there have been times when I forget to remove them the next day and wonder why I’m falling asleep at work… I’m a small person so I sometimes cut them in half to make them less strong.

  4. Anders Roshage says:

    Weighted blankets, it is an ‘ofcourse’ it is was blankets where made of before 1964..

    Since then cotton has disappeared as a filling the blankets filling have been made poor

  5. Sizzling 70s says:

    Great recommendations. Thank you . Will try

  6. Michelle Sanders Brinson says:

    Tried klova almost a year ago… It has been life changing. I’ve had sleep issues for years. Mainly trouble staying asleep. This patch has been an answer to prayer. Definitely worth it for me.

  7. Jennifer Amirault says:

    Ashwaganda also works – I use a teaspoon of the powder in milk just before bed – when you wake up in the night, instead of worrying or fussing you go right back to sleep

  8. That French Girl Sea Soak sounds great.

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