Do you have someone in your life who dares you to dream big? I remember when my husband Adam and I first got married, he would throw out big ideas for our lives or our businesses that felt (at the time) out of reach, and I’d instinctively play devil’s advocate in an attempt to be the “realistic” one. In hindsight, it’s easy to see how his courage to dream big pushed us in ways that wouldn’t have been possible had we chosen to think only pragmatically, and over the years, I’ve learned to dream bigger, too.

For those of us who err on the side of sensibility, it can be easy to measure our days with our busy calendars and judge them on the basis of productivity. But by doing so, could we be missing out on what life is really all about? As we embark on a new month, I can’t help but think that October is the perfect time to embrace a little inefficiency and instead allow ourselves an afternoon to grab our journals, find a quiet corner somewhere and just dream. DREAMS are this month’s guiding editorial theme here on, whether it’s discovering more about what really happens in our minds while we sleep, to empowering others – and ourselves – to dream big and then chase after those visions until they become reality.

Of course, here at Camille Styles we can’t let October pass us by without a major dose of spooky, and this year’s Halloween inspiration ranges from the mystical (just wait til you see our smoke-filled feast) to the hilarious (costume ideas that will make anyone LOL.) Most of all, we hope that this month’s stories inspire you to take time to think about your deepest dreams for your own life – and to have the courage to speak those dreams out loud, no matter how farfetched or unlikely they may seem right now. ‘Cause take it from me, dreaming big is a habit that reaps results you might once have never imagined possible.


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featured collage art by jenn rose smith

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