6 Projects to Tackle at Home While You’re Social Distancing

Make it count.

By Chanel Dror
amazing closet organization goals

Let’s get one thing straight: for many of us, this time of social distancing is anything but boring. With full workloads, no childcare, and potential financial struggles, there’s a good chance that “boredom” is the least of your worries. That said, we believe that now more than ever is a crucial time to rank self care high on our list of priorities. So if that looks like 10 minutes to ourselves every other day, we’ll take it, and we’ll make it count.

One idea worth considering is, instead of peppering your days with the random meditation or the rare online workout, why not take this season to focus on a single project that can be harnessed in bits and pieces throughout this time? Instead of quantity, think quality.

Can you go deep and dedicate yourself to one project?

By giving a little bit to this one goal each day, you may come out of quarantine a better and brighter you, with something tangible to show for all your time spent at home.

photo by Dagny Piasecki

Put Pen to Paper

When is the last time you wrote anything down at all? With our cell phones and computers, many of us may not be able to remember. Take a break from scrolling through Coronavirus memes and instead look inward and express yourself through the written word. Poems, an original song, a journal entry, or even a short story will all do the trick in allowing you to get some creative juices flowing.

photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Work On Your Green Thumb

It’s easy to dwell on the bad, but how about some gratitude for the fact that this period of isolation is taking place during springtime? A beautiful season for gardening, many of us would benefit from spending the next weeks getting our hands dirty. Whether you’ll be slowly making over your entire backyard, or nursing a few potted plants on your apartment window sill, this is one easy way to add beauty to your space, and peacefulness to your new routine.

photo by Kristen Kilpatrick 

It’s Time to Purge

This one’s personal. As in, I have got to clean out my closet. I’ve been saying it for months, and now that I’ve got no one to see and nowhere to be, there’s really no excuse. If you’re like me, take this time through your wardrobe — donate what you no longer love, and keep what you do. Like that, your closet will be another stress-free space in your home, which we could all use right now.

photo by Hannah Haston

Harness Your Creative Eye

Painting is the kind of thing that feels intimidating, but the moment you start doing it, it’s nothing but calming and restorative. No one’s judging what your final pieces will look like or expecting a Rembrandt! This hobby is about the process. Bust out your oils or watercolor, turn up some tunes, and get in the zone friend.

photo by Dagny Piasecki

Get Bendy

What if you took 10 minutes to stretch every single day? Well, with your newfound time at home, you just might finally have the opportunity to find out. Loosen your hamstrings, lengthen your spine, and open your heart daily to find a new-and-improved you at the end of this thing. Who knows, you just might get your splits back!

photo by Johnny Miller

Go On a Culinary Journey

Craving that one Thai dish from your favorite neighborhood spot? Tired of making the same old same old go-to dishes? Why not create a culinary challenge for yourself? Mastering the perfect sourdough, trying your hand at making an exotic dish, or working your way page-by-page through a new cookbook à la Julie & Julia, are just a few ways to break out of your kitchen rut and add spice to your everyday.