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9 Surprising Ways Toxins Could Be Affecting Your Fertility

February 8th, 2018

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ed note: The views expressed in this article intend to share information and induce conversation, in an effort to empower women to be proactive in their health if and when they try to conceive. As always when it comes to matters of health, we encourage you to do your research, listen to your mind and gut, and talk with your doctor so that you can create a plan that’s optimal for you. And of course – if you’ve been pregnant in the past and didn’t necessarily follow this advice — well, that makes two of us, and you are just fine.

Lauren Zielinski CNM, MSN, RN is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, and the founder of a grassroots women’s health movement called New Moon Rising Events. New Moon Rising works in cities across the US to hold free, day-long workshops that foster discussion about reproductive health, political advocacy, natural medicine options, and community connections. 

Whether you’re thinking about trying for a babe soon, are currently trying, or just want to live as cleanly as possible, there are a few simple evidence-based changes you can make to de-pollute your bod day-to-day. Keep in mind though – fertility is complicated and there’s never a simple one-fix answer, but I truly believe little pieces make up the big picture of maximizing your overall health and wellbeing. As a woman, it’s especially important to pay attention to your exposure to and ingestion of environmental toxins, certain plastics, pesticides and chemicals when you’re trying to conceive or are pregnant. Research has proven that avoidance of pesticides and certain chemicals can increase rates of fertility and lower rates of cardiovascular diseases, immune system illness and cancer. Yas!

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  1. Ryann Carter says:

    This is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing. Infertility was once such an uncommon issue, I can’t believe many cases aren’t related to our current lifestyle. Were trying at the end of the year and I’m working on changing to a natural home this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember learning about the potential issues with plastics in my first neuroscience class in college, it definitely scared me into trying to make the (admittedly difficult) switch!

  3. Sean Mahan says:

    I never thought how toxins could have this effect. Thank you for sharing! I have a friend who’s trying to get pregnant and I’ll share this with her =)

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