14 Podcast Episodes Every Woman Should Listen To

—or anyone, for that matter. Listen up.

By Brittany Chatburn

It happens to the best of us. One day you’re in podcast flow—your feed is bangin’ with hits left and right. You’re inspired, texting friends with your latest Must Listen. And then, it happens. The feed runs dry. Topics once thrilling suddenly feel overwhelming to your life season, stale and over-discussed, or just plain boooring. And so, you delve into the world of something new only to find the options trigger your decision fatigue and you simply, as they say, cannot.

best podcast episodes for women

Friends, that ends here. We’ve curated 14 of the juiciest, most-fulfilling, overall best podcasts for women (or anyone, for that matter). Our editors pinpointed the recent episodes that cover one or all of the following bases: the episode had an impact on our mental, physical, or emotional behavior, inspired us to make a change for the better, challenged a viewpoint, educated us on a particular subject, or simply made us laugh.

Start with these episodes and then spiral into a thrilling deep dive when you find a show you love. (And trust me, as someone who took my own advice and added all these episodes to my feed, deep dives will happen.) This list includes everything from expected heavy hitters to newly-launched shows—something for everyone.

1. Oprah Shares “The Letter From Glennon the Freed Me”

glennon doyle oprah podcast episode

Consider this one of Camille’s favorite podcast episodes of the year. The powerful conversation between Glennon Doyle and the one and only Oprah Winfrey will inspire you to take on any challenge. She discusses her new book as well as depression, her mother’s passing, and the last time she had a sidesplitting laugh. Listen while you walk, while you do laundry, while you drive—just listen.

2. How to Take Back Your Time and Get Back Your Life

goal digger jenna kutcher podcasts for women

Jenna’s podcast is a must-listen not only if you’re a marketer in any form or fashion, but truly any woman juggling it all. This episode dives into the topic of TIME—something we could all use more of. How do we use it to our advantage without getting overwhelmed? Give this one a listen to find out.

3. How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities

huberman adam grant podcast episode

Spoiler alert: Huberman Lab appears more on this list than any other podcast. It’s his unique ability to dive deep into any one subject with intelligent and engaging guests. This episode title says it all—it’s a must-listen. (And if you’ve ever considered yourself a procrastinator, prepare to have your eyes opened.)

4. Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process

huberman rick rubin podcast

Call us Type A’s, but we love a practical how-to episode that unpacks processes and protocols. And we LOVE Rick Rubin—a creative powerhouse whose book The Creative Act: A Way of Being is a game-changer in and of itself. And yes, Huberman’s episode lengths can be daunting. But considering the wealth and generosity of knowledge, you’ll always get more than you came for in the best way.

5. How to Constantly Level Up in Life

level up skinny confidential podcast for women

As a mother of two kids, I often feel a little left out of the wellness movement when it comes to time and resources. That’s why I devoured this episode, recorded three months after Lauryn gave birth to their second child. Michael and Lauryn’s perspective on how having children has actually leveled them UP in life in terms of goals, motivation, health, relationships, and truly all aspects of life is the encouragement and generally bad-ass vibe I’m looking for. Also a great listen if you’re considering kids but worried about all the change that comes with them.

6. Beauty is $$$: How to Hop Off The “Hot Girl Hamster Wheel”

money with katie podcasts for women

I love The Money with Katie Show for so many reasons. Katie herself is wickedly funny and smart—such a stellar combo—and the rich girls (and guys) community she’s building is refreshing, to say the least. This episode stopped me in my tracks and I immediately shared it with everyone I know. Months later, I still think about it and have made significant changes for the better in my personal beauty routine.

7. Dr. Natalie Crawford: Female Hormone Health, Fertility & Vitality

natalie crawford huberman lab podcast

Female hormones are all the rage (pun intended) and this conversation between Andrew Huberman and Natalie Crawford dives into every crevice of the topic. This is an especially great listen if you’re interested in how your hormones and fertility are connected.

8. How to Find Relief From Information Overload

next right thing podcasts for women

I’d venture to say that every person in America could benefit from this quick 25-minute episode. (And by the way, you must listen to Emily P. Freeman at 1x speed, her voice and cadence is perfect just the way it is.) If you’re at all overwhelmed by the straight-up water hose of information coming at you from all sides, this episode is a reprieve. You’ll also get practical tips that work. Just ask my beautifully de-cluttered inbox.

9. Your 2024 Rebrand: Tips For Creating Your Best Year Ever

note to self podcasts for women

It’s never too late—or early—for a little life overhaul. We’re big fans of Payton’s refreshingly authentic and actually relatable vibe. She inspires you to build healthier, sustainable habits and to get clear on what you really want from life. Her podcast is like a peek inside her inner monologue and doesn’t hold anything back. It covers all the bases I listed above: expect a change (or two) for the better, laughs, and a new favorite show for your feed.

10. Log Off, Turn In, & Tune Up

rich roll log off turn in tune up podcast

If you’re having a hard time breaking away from your phone, your email, or your television, 30 minutes with Rich Roll leave you newly invigorated to log off and seek out the benefits of putting your attention elsewhere.

11. Courtney Storer: Chef and The Bear Culinary Producer

second life podcasts for women

Whether you’re a fan of The Bear or not, this conversation with Courtney Storer is such an entertaining and inspiring listen. It’s the story of how one woman started in kitchens of LA’s most popular restaurants and then found herself on the set of an award-winning television show, teaching actors, show-runners, and writers how to capture the essence of a fast-paced kitchen. Come for The Bear, stay for Courtney’s story.

12. Setting Your Day Up For Success

transform podcast for women

You think you’ve heard all there is to hear about morning routines. And then you press play on this episode and suddenly you’re newly inspired, newly invigorated, and ready to take on the day. But the Sami’s don’t stop there. Listen to productivity tips and daily habits to build you up for success from morning to night. Get ready to level up—this episode inspired me to change up a few things in what I thought was a productive routine. I’m obsessed.

13. Become Emotionally Bulletproof: How to Master Your Emotions, Rely on Yourself & Take Control of Your Life

what's the juice podcast for women

Get ready for a big dose of empowerment and inspiration. Listen in as Olivia interviews Evy Poumpouras, a former US Secret Service agent who’s gone undercover, trained in the art of lie detection and human behavior, and considers self-talk one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

14. The Three Big Myths of Mentoring

work life episode podcast for women

If you’ve ever felt the desire—or pressure—to find a mentor, Adam Grant is the perfect mentor on the subject. From naming the qualities to look for to busting mentor myths, this is the episode to listen to for those wanting to level up through relationships—career or otherwise.