Spending just one zen-ed out morning with Nitsa Citrine in her Malibu home left me feeling relaxed and inspired. What if, I asked myself afterwards, I made time to do this every day? I couldn’t help but wonder if I might begin to take on some of the same graceful, calm energy that Nitsa carries with her everywhere. The Sun Potion creative director isn’t just another trend-happy consumer when it comes to wellness — she truly lives and breathes natural health, and it shows. We sat down with Nitsa to talk about yoga styles, guided meditation, and what matters most in her morning routine. N’amaste.

photographed by claire huntsberger

Tell us about your morning meditation rituals. How much time do you commit to meditation each day? What does your routine look like?

10 – 15 min… I try to sit and quiet my mind and watch my breath. Sometimes I’ll do a little pranayama (breath work). Most days I practice asana  — then a more physical form of yoga later in the day — but I always take a moment in the morning to center and breathe.

How did you learn your meditation techniques? Do you use any meditation apps or recordings?

Ha! It feels like lifetimes of trial and error…. I have studied various forms of meditation and now practice my personal, intuitive interpretation of parts Zen Buddhist, Vedanta, Kria yoga, and more new age  / energetic synthesis practices.

What does a good meditation session feel like? How does that impact the rest of your day?

It feels like delicious stillness and clarity in mind, body, heart, spirit.

We love Sun Potion products for their holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Do you believe that doing mental and emotional work (like meditation and breathing) can have tangible effects on beauty?

Absolutely! Radiance and beauty stems from within!!

If you could share one beauty secret with the world, what would it be?

Drink loads of spring water and follow your heart’s excitement!

Have you ever traveled to study yoga or meditation? Had any formative learning experiences or teachers?

Yes… a significant spiritual experience for me occurred when I was a young adult. Just out of high school / beginning college I studied under a Swami in California, in the Carpinteria foothills… ayurveda, meditation, yoga, Seva… it was a beautiful and transformational experience and new way of being and understanding the world for me. I will always cherish these experiences as they set a spiritual foundation and context for the rest of my life.

Any other thoughts on the connection between mind, spirit, and beauty?

Everything is connected.

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