Happy International Women’s Day, sisters! As an all-female company, sometimes it feels like everyday is IWD around here… but I love the idea of setting aside one day to specifically:

“Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

If the last few years have taught as anything, it’s that we’ve still got work to do in forging equality for women both at home and around the world, and lately I’ve been specifically thinking about how we can champion the cause for our sisters who are underrepresented in media and positions of power. I’d encourage all of us to take a little time to read about, listen to, watch, and consider the women doing incredible things in our world today, and how we can take a stance of compassion and action in our own lives. Here are a few ways to get started today:

Subscribe to one of these newsletters.

Remember that you’ve got power to make change.

Send an inspiring quote to a female family member or friend.

Get inspired by these women around the world.

Research a local nonprofit where you can volunteer. I’ve been wanting to get involved at a women’s shelter or a mentorship program for young girls (if any of y’all are plugged into these resources in Austin, I’d love to learn more!)

Watch this eye-opening film about girls’ education around the world.

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Kristen Kilpatrick