This month’s to-do list is all about DELIGHTS! The idea came to me in the form of this podcast episode (which I highly recommend.) As we enter the third month of a new decade, we’ve likely spent the beginning of the year recovering from the holidays, maybe getting our internal and external gut back in check, and are now fully diving into the new year.

And we can certainly delight in the fact that spring that is just around the bend! So while we can keep moving towards our resolutions, we can also lean into the daily things that bring us joy. 

Before we dive in, a friendly reminder that today is March 3rd, so please take the opportunity to vote. If you have any questions about how or where to vote in your county, visit here

Watch Maki Ryoke’s videos on how to master a facial massage.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this talented woman, so I was delighted to discover her new face massage technique videos. I watched all of them meticulously for two hours in bed on Friday (a delight in and of itself.) Most of these techniques don’t require buying additional products, BUT you can also shop products here, should you be out of creams + serums or just take great delight in beauty products. 

Plant an indoor herb garden.

What greater delight than growing your own herbs indoors even while it’s still freezing outside… It seems no matter where you live, the Vertiable Smart Indoor Garden could be right for you and convenient for your kitchen. Since I’m unable to keep most indoor plants alive, this is particularly delightful for me.

Support a local initiative.

Find something you love and remember to support it.  A local indie theatre, a pet adoption/foster care service, reading at your local bookstore or library, maybe just becoming a member at your local library, planting an outdoor garden, shop a local farmer or farmer’s market. Give your time, and you might be delighted at how good it feels to support your local community. 

Invest in a quality suitcase.

Yes, you heard me right. Probably not the ideal time to talk about travel, but what I will tell you is that I am going to delight myself with a new suitcase that I check on airplanes. After years of trying to beat the system, I am going to consider this pure luxury in not trying to stuff one month of travel with all my cameras into a travel-on. We will talk about the delight of traveling light another month, for now I am looking at the Away Medium suitcase. 

Get some good vibrations.

With a vibrating delight, for solo use and beyond. While we’re at it, might as well practice orgasmic breathing with this step-by-step guide.  

Shop vintage.

Take delight in scoring a deal and saving the earth. If you don’t already have the Object Limited App, I highly encourage it. It makes shopping vintage easy for both the seasoned and seasoned alike. On this topic – find a clothing item you never wear, think of a friend that would love this item, mail it to them. A friend of mine recently did this to me and it was a surprise and a delight.

Pick up a copy of I Remember by Joe Brainard.

The podcast I mentioned above led me to an old and favorite book, I Remember, by Joe Brainard. A simple yet poetic autobiography of sorts,  it conjures up delight and nostalgia.  You might find yourself writing your own “I remembers.”

Jam out, on repeat.

Delight in relaxing to Bill Callahan. Maybe grab your keys and take a road trip, alone or with a friend. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and soothing music. See something new, near or far. Add just-released Jess Williamson’s new single “Wind on Tin” and look out for her live tour across the US in the coming months. 

Ride a bike.

If you know you know. Biking is a beautiful way to save the plant, see your city or town in a new light, get to where you are going, bond with your family and friends, and firm your glutes. Win win.

REI can be a great resource to get started. You can locate a shop and repair shop by state. REI usually has used options they will tune up for you and you can ride your new bike out the front door! Another option is Linus. They have a good selection for the more leisurely commuter or city dweller. Plus you can customize your ideal bike in every way imaginable. Always make sure to wear a helmet! *More on how to dress for biking later this month. Let’s ride! 

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