A great date is always in vogue, but there’s something about the summer that makes planning a get-together even more exciting. It’s a season of embracing informalities, of wearing less makeup, dressing for pure comfort, and spending as much time as possible outdoors. Your dates should be a reflection of that. So, to help you cut down on the anxieties of planning, we dreamed up some cute summer date ideas to carry you and your partner through the warm months ahead.

Whether you’re looking for a low-key date night in, an adventurous experience you’ll never forget, or something a little more creative, we’ve got you covered.

Chill Date Ideas

Plan a movie night outside. Summer is the season for drive-ins and movies in the park. Pick a flick you’ll both be into, grab your favorite theater snacks, and enjoy the big screen in the great outdoors.

Host your own movie marathon at home. Switch off showing each other the classics that make up your personal DNA. Your partner gets to veto exactly one of your choices (fair is fair).

Buy a plant together. It’s not exactly getting a dog together, but you’ll both reap the health benefits and have something green to show for it.

Go antiquing or thrifting. You never know what you’ll find when going vintage shopping, but that’s the joy of it. Take your partner along for the ride, and maybe find a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll always cherish.

Attempt to make each other’s favorite cocktail. Then play truth or dare — you’re bound to learn something.

Try a pottery or candle-making class. Go the experiential route, and show your partner you’re good with your hands.

Have a pizza cook-off. Win or lose, you’ll get two pies out of it.

Visit a winery or brewery. Consider this the educational version of meeting at a bar.

Ask The New York Times’ iconic 36 questions that lead to love. I’ve known (and heard of) multiple people who literally married a partner they did this with, so proceed with caution when it comes to this powerful questionnaire.

Adventurous Date Ideas

Take a salsa dancing class together. Salsa dance communities are almost always solid. You may just end up with a lifelong hobby.

Take each other’s favorite workout classes together. Even if it’s Crossfit — that’s the rule.

Be tourists in your town for a day. Now is your chance to finally check out that fun restaurant or coffee shop your friend said was way too touristy to be cool.

Get high together. Not like that (but no judgment!). Rent a hot air balloon, try bungee jumping, or go skydiving. It’s a bit of an intense date move but you’ll never forget it.

Order off the menu for your partner. There may be no experience more adventurous than letting someone else choose your meal.

Do a tarot reading together. Whether or not you believe the future really is in the cards, a great tarot reader knows how to create a fun, vulnerable, and memorable experience.

Take a hike. Or a bike ride. Or go rollerblading. Just get those endorphins going.

Camp under the stars. Over the last year, charming vintage trailer resorts, yurt communities (like The Local Chapter), and luxury camping destinations have finally gotten the glow they deserve. Better yet: there’s probably one just a short drive from where you live. 

Catch a sunrise. As far as cute summer date ideas go, this one could be rolled into a camping situation, but setting an intention to watch the sunrise together can be done from anywhere.

Romantic Date Ideas

Book a staycation. Even the hottest hotels are running summer specials this year. Pick a spot with a chic pool and spa so you’ll never be tempted to leave.

Or create your own staycation at homeJust make sure you have two excellent robes.

Take a cocktail class together. Master the art of Aperol spritzes for pool days, or learn how to perfect your partner’s favorite barside order.

Plan a picnic. Get your favorite local meal to go, then set the scene with blankets, your drink of choice, and a playlist in a cute park. Take these picnic recipes.

Try your hand at taking a fancy bath together. Pick out some luxurious bath salts, light your favorite candle, and settle in for an intimate soak.

Shuck some oysters. The aphrodisiac (perhaps not scientifically proven, but we still like the idea) comes with its own hands-on activity. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to find an expert to guide you.

Read excerpts from romance novels or erotica — or write your own. This is a group date trope on The Bachelor for a reason. It has the potential to be equal parts silly and totally hot.

Impromptu Summer Date Ideas 

Pick out vinyl for each other at the record store. There’s no greater win than accurately identifying a song (or album) your partner loves.

Go open house hunting. Indulge your wildest real estate fantasies, and — if you’re not currently living together — learn a little something about your partner’s future home goals. 

Get pedicures together. A couple’s massage is fun, but it’s nearly impossible to talk to each other. A pedicure may the one luxurious spa-day treat that pairs well with great conversation.

Walk your city’s botanical gardens. Forever in bloom, the charms of a botanical garden are hard to resist.

Go antiquing or thrifting. You never know what you’ll find when going vintage shopping, but that’s the joy of it. Take your partner along for the ride, and maybe find a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll always cherish.

Team up for pub night trivia. One of you is a pop culture aficionado. The other is a history buff. Together, you’re unstoppable.

Start a two-person book club. Read independently, then set a date to share your thoughts. You’ll both be able to chime in on the hottest read at your next friend gathering.

What’s a cute summer date idea you’re planning with a partner? Share it with us below.

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