Hello, September! Camille’s Letter from the Editor

We’re keeping it SIMPLE – and cleaning up our social media habits for good.

By Camille Styles

Think back to the beginning of summer, when the entire season stretched before you bursting with endless possibilities to really make the most of it. If, like me, you ended up working more and playing less than you intended, guess what? It’s not too late to carpe diem this final weekend and end it how you meant to spend the entire thing. Relish in the joyful simplicities of the holiday weekend: eat every meal outside, watch the sunset, get your hands sticky with watermelon, make plans with friends, or don’t make plans at all.

Our theme for September is Simplicity. It’s one of my favorite words, and saying it feels like a breath of fresh air and a cool glass of water all wrapped up in one. It’s clean sheets, a baby’s skin, and an afternoon spent chatting with a friend over coffee. It’s editing our closets down to the pieces we really love in order to make room for a few fun new buys this fall. It’s removing things from our to-do lists (instead of just checking through them) to free up some breathing room in our days to focus on what matters most.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t be more excited about the Social Media Makeover Challenge we just announced, kicking off on September 9th. For awhile now, I’ve felt the nagging sense that my technology habits were often negatively impacting my real-life experiences: the presence of an iPhone at the dinner table, a quick scroll through Instagram when my kids are talking to me, or feeling the need to capture the prettiest version of a vacation or restaurant to post, instead of just savoring the beauty right in front of me. It’s with this in mind that we’re inviting y’all to join us for 21-days of the #CSSocialMediaMakeover; in addition to fabulous prizes like an Apple Watch and Outdoor Voices shopping spree, you’ll walk away with inspiration for updating your social media habits so you can live the life you dream of. Sign up today, and get your first set of ideas delivered to your inbox on the 9th.

As the leaves change, September is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf in our own lives – to use it as a time to question what we really want and value in our lives, and how the way we spend our days can reflect that more closely. After the #CSSocialMediaMakeover, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with an extra hour in the day that you once may have spent mindlessly scrolling. Never fear, we’re going to be sharing some brilliant ideas for what to do with it this month: think detoxifying baths, the best fall-scented candles, and the easiest butternut squash recipe you’ve ever made. ‘Cause above all, we’re keeping it simple.


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collage art by jenn rose smith