How to Slow Down Time, and Notes from the Weekend

When productivity is not the goal.

By Camille Styles
perfect margarita recipe

Is it me, or are the weeks flying by right now? It’s suddenly hit me that summer is exactly halfway over, so I’ve been trying to really slow things down and soak it in this weekend. Leaving my phone inside while I go out for a hike and a swim with the kids, reminding myself that emails can wait until Monday even though I’m feeling behind on my inbox, and laying outside with a book while ignoring the house work I need to get done. YOLO! Remembering that our schedules will look like whatever we choose to fill them with, and housework/emails/errands will still be there later.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a little free time this weekend, don’t forget to check out what’s in our shopping carts at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale that launched Friday — it’s good. Hope y’all are relishing this summer weekend wherever you are, and scroll on for my favorite reads from the past week!

perfect margarita recipe

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