Join Us for the #31Mornings Challenge!

By Camille Styles

Alright you guys, we’re kicking off 2017 with quite possibly my favorite project we’ve ever done on CamilleStyles.com: the team and I have been planning the #31Mornings Challenge for months now, and I’m thrilled to finally spill the details today. The challenge kicks off January 1st, and we’re inviting YOU to join us in making the first 31 days of the year your best ever. Keep scrolling to hear how it’ll go down… And for those of you who stick with us ’til the end, you’ll automatically be entered to win some amazing prices: One (1) $1,000 gift card to Lululemon and two (2) $500 gift cards to Whole Foods Market!

*If you’re looking for your weekly breakfast shopping lists, head right over here! 

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photo via hanna stefansson

We’re teaming up with our friends at Refinery29 to share everything you need to start the day right and totally transform your mornings. When you sign up to join the #31Mornings challenge, we’ll hit your inbox every morning in January with easy, actionable ideas that you can achieve in just a few minutes.

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The inspiration for #31Mornings came from a talk around the office in which several of our team members shared that one of their goals for the new year is to finally become a “morning person.” I’m admittedly one of those people who loves getting out of bed in the morning; I’ve long felt that this is the most productive and inspiring part of my day, largely due to the fact that I’ve put several healthy habits in place that I stick to every single day. It’s these rituals that set me up for a positive and uplifting day ahead, and we’re using the challenge as an opportunity to share those habits in three daily, actionable steps. By the end of the 31 days, I’m betting that you’re going to love your mornings so much that you keep right on going long after the challenge is over. Here’s what you can expect to find in each daily email:

Step 1: Get inspired with a daily quote or meditation that will get you in the right mental state to tackle your day with energy, calm, and compassion.

Step 2: Fuel up with a healthy breakfast. These will be simple recipes that can be prepped the night before or quickly whipped up using a handful of ingredients. We know: there’s usually zero time to cook in the mornings, so we’ve provided your shopping lists here and will give make-ahead suggestions every Sunday so your weekday mornings can be delicious and no-fuss.

Step 3: Get moving with one quick yoga move or stretch that’ll wake you up and get the blood flowing. You’ll immediately feel more clear-headed and energized.

Bonus! “Wild card” ideas will fill your entire day with fun, happy vibes.

And did I mention those prizes? One (1) $1,000 gift card to Lululemon will get you decked out in an entirely stylish workout wardrobe, and two (2) $500 gift cards to Whole Foods Market will ensure you’re fully stocked on fresh seasonal food all winter. (This is one giveaway where I am soooo jealous of the winners.) Go ahead and sign up here right now, then mark your calendars for Jan 1. We can’t wait to reinvent our mornings together!

*click here for the official rules and conditions.