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Up Your iPhone Photography Game With These 5 Tips

December 13th, 2017

We’ve all been there before. There’s a beautiful sunset right outside your window, or all your friends are finally together and you have to get a group pic, but then you’re disappointed when the photos you take on your phone never turn out quite like you thought they would. It’s no wonder our standards are so high when it seems like half the photos we see on Instagram nowadays are taken with a professional camera. Or are they…?

One of our favorite photographers Kristen Kilpatrick is consistently wow-ing us with her iPhone photography. At least once at every photo shoot, you hear someone say, “Wait…you took that with your phone?!” Lucky for us, Kristen was willing to share all the secret tricks that make her iPhone photos so impressive. Keep reading for her five tips that’ll instantly up your iPhone photography game. And yes, Kristen did take all of the photos in this post with her phone!

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