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7 Stealth Time Sucks In Your Day

September 11th, 2017

One of the things I struggle with most in life is feeling like I never have enough time to do everything that I want (or need) to do. Anyone else? Between work and play and family and friends, I often feel like my day is spent rushing from point A to point B, always running 5 minutes late. My perspective is starting to shift, however, after reading Overwhelmed: Work, Love, & Play When No One Has the Time, by Brigid Schulte, in which the author proposes that all of us perma-busy people actually have more free time than we think; we just need to master a few practices to make our work more efficient and our play more satisfying.

To be honest, the last thing I feel like working on right now is being more “productive.” What I really want is to capture any wasted time in my life that could be spent prioritizing what really matters to me: connecting with friends and family, savoring great meals (without being on my phone), spending time out in nature, and making time to relax and play. Based on research, conversations with friends, and my own firsthand experience, here are some of the most common time-wasters… and a few ways to purge them from your day-to-day. Keep scrolling, and let us know which ones you struggle with most in the comments!

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  1. Eva says:

    These are SUCH fantastic tips – I agree with all of them 100%!! I think the hardest thing about working from home, or creating your own schedule is limiting your time on certain things. I deleted Facebook from my phone which helped a lot with getting hours back to my day – especially in the evenings. I check my email way too often though, and that can be a big distraction. If I miss a morning workout, I don’t try to make it up later, it can segment the day too much and leave me so far behind!

  2. Kaelen says:

    I am definitely guilty of the first and last ones on the list. Just a quick check in on social media can turn into a huge time suck, and honestly, it’s not even very enjoyable. I had been timing myself and I need to go back to that because it really helped my productivity. And worry and guilt over not working enough are just part of a never-ending unproductive and self-defeating cycle.

    Darling Marcelle 

  3. Kelly says:

    Agree with those! I will never do sweaty exercise at noon. No way! I am working with social media so I need to check it.

  4. Agree with most of these for sure!

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