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8 Ways to Feed Your Intellect (That Are Actually Fun)

June 7th, 2017

I remember when I graduated from college the keynote speaker told us, “You are not done learning. You’ve only been given the tools with which to learn. Now it’s up to you to use them, and continue your own education from here.” She was right, and even though my 21-year-old self pretty much knew it all (haha), the idea stuck with me. It seems that continuing education often gets pushed to the wayside in adulthood (especially when you’re working a demanding job or caring for demanding toddlers.) But looking at the idea of wellness as a whole, what we feed our minds is just as important as what we feed our bodies. The good news is that finding healthy brainfood is much easier than it seems — in fact, it’s all around us. Check out these 8 fun ideas for stimulating your mind and plan something smart for this weekend!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Totally agree! Love the suggestions! Healthy food for mind!

  2. San says:

    Excellent article!! Loved every suggestion

  3. Great post with awesome suggestions!

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