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The 5 Best Natural Herbs to Cure Your Women’s Health Woes

June 14th, 2018

Lauren Zielinski is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, and the founder of a grassroots women’s health movement called New Moon Rising Events. New Moon Rising works in cities across the US to hold free, day-long workshops that foster discussion about reproductive health, political advocacy, natural medicine options, and community connections.

Hellloooo Ladies! Being a woman is the BEST in my opinion and you couldn’t pay me Beyonce’s annual salary for the rest of my life to trade places with a man. It’s no secret that those of us who have female reproductive organs deal with a handful of less than pleasant symptoms month in and month out. Instead of turning to pharmaceuticals in these moments of hormone-induced anguish, I suggest you stock up on these 5 natural herbs and supplements. They are all time and wise-women proven to remedy the common discomfort and irritability that occasionally come along with owning a uterus and vagina.

Often times we can avoid pharmaceuticals and heal directly from what the earth naturally gives us, which is amazing and always has me vibing on my inner witchy woman-ness. My personal vow when suffering from a health discomfort, (with all due respect to modern medicine), is to always try and heal naturally first, and having these remedies on hand makes it easy.

Give it a shot! But remember, every body is different, vastly complicated, and constantly changing. If something feels just not right, or you would rate your symptoms as more than a common discomfort, please seek treatment from a health provider to ensure all is well.

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  1. It’s often hard for me to have a lot of beneficial teas/herbs because the most popular ones tend to be peppermint. spearmint, and chamomile and since I have acid reflux, this just makes whatever is wrong worse. Thus, I tend to stick to ginger and lemon tea a lot. However, now you have provided me with so many great options. When I go to the farmers market on Saturday I will make sure to look for them. An herb that is great in teas is lemon verbena! I forget the beneficial properties but they’re definitely a few not to mention it takes great!

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  3. Ekta Kapoor says:

    I believe this is a very educative post. I sincerely never knew Red raspberry could help stop menstrual cramps and heavy periods. I guess you learn something new everyday.
    Thanks to this post many women will have an improved good mental, physical health.This is great.

    Thanks Lauren.

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