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The One Email Hack That’s Helped Me Be More Present

May 14th, 2018

We talk quite a bit around here about cleaning up our social media habits in order to be more present, healthy, and not fall prey to the rabbit hole of the endless scroll. But during a recent 48-hour “digital detox” (more on that soon), I realized how much of my mental energy is also consumed by simple old-school email. Checking it, reading it, and then thinking about what I just read while I go about the rest of my day-to-day. The average person checks their email 15 times a day, and thanks to it being always accessible on my phone, I’m probably guilty of even way more than that. So when I read about a recent study that found stress levels decreased significantly when people were limited to checking their email just three times per day, I started to wonder whether my email habits could be more harmful than I realized. It led me to the discovery of one tiny, simple feature on my iPhone that I had previously overlooked, but that’s now revolutionized the way I interact with my email on a day-to-day basis. And as I’ve spread the word to friends, they’ve experienced the same results. Read on, and I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve tried this one out.

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  1. Janet Fazio says:

    One thing that works for me if I do have an email that I’m expecting or need to respond to “off hours” is to set that person up as a VIP. Then when the email comes in, I will get a sound and badge notification. I’m with you though in regards to getting rid of as many notifications as possible. The constant barrage of information reduces my productivity immensely.

  2. Clarie says:

    Hi dear, such a well presented site. It’s so going with your style. Keep rocking girl.

  3. Eva says:

    This is such a great tip and it definitely works! I turned off my Instagram notifications and I only go on there if I’m really interested, rather than stopping by out of habit. It’s helped me get my phone use under control!

    Eva |

  4. I am definitely guilty of checking my email too much! What I try to do is make sure I get all my other work done before I open up my email, because otherwise I can be there for ages. Also, this way I won’t feel as guilty if I do end up spending a while going through my inbox because I know everything else is done with! I adore the black and white photo you included – stunning!

  5. […] you be able to limit the times you check email a day? I’m totally addicted – not sure I could do […]

  6. This is EPIC! I’ve just gone through all my apps and turned off Badge notifications for all but the very essential (Whatsapp only!) I’m excited to see how this is going to change my life!!!

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