10 Ways to Unwind from the Workday (That Don’t Involve Cocktails)

The happiest hour.

By Camille Styles
In partnership with Haven Well Within
Photography Michelle Nash

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Dry January has come and gone, but still—plenty of us are sticking with our sober-curious ways. In the spirit of sleeping better, hitting our skincare goals, and waking up energized and excited to greet the day, we’ve swapped cocktails for the ever-expanding selection of zero-ABV options (at least, most of the time.) Sure, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine with friends and family, but rather than pouring a Pinot, I’ve built a post-work routine to help me ease into the evening. Today, I’ve partnered with my friends at Haven Well Within to share all my favorite ways of unwinding from the workday. Because I get it: it can be a daily struggle to keep your work from carrying into all hours of the evening.

As someone who’s extremely passionate about my job, I have a habit of fully throwing myself into high-productivity mode throughout the workday. Because of this, when 5 p.m. rolls around, I have to be intentional about that transition from work mode to after-hours relaxation. Carving out time to care for ourselves at the end of the day is essential to our mental and emotional health. Over the years, I’ve connected with a handful of feel-good activities that allow me to bridge the gap between work and play. With a tried-and-true ritual I can rely on, I spend my evenings feeling more present and recharged for the next day.

Curious how to do the same for yourself (minus the cocktails, Ben & Jerry’s, or reality TV?) Keep reading for my post-work routine for weeknights that rival the restoration of a Friday.


10 Ways to Unwind From the Workday

Much of the allure that comes with healthy rituals and routines is that they save us the decision fatigue of answering the question: What do I do now? Instead, we can intentionally, but easily connect with the habits we trust to help us feel our best.

I like to think of the following wind-down ideas as a post-work toolkit. No matter what my mind and body are craving, following one or a combination of the ideas ahead never fails to fill my cup—and lets me fall asleep feeling refreshed and restored. But alongside our routines, our clothing and treasured objects help us craft a life well-lived. Ahead, I’m sharing my favorite pieces from Haven Well Within’s new Balance Collection and beyond—all designed to let you lean into the deepest level of comfort in all that you do.

1. Turn Off Your Phone

If I’m spending the evening at home, this is always the first step in my post-work routine. It’s easy to open an app and quickly discover that you’ve spent the last hour scrolling. I’ve accepted it: my phone is an inevitable time suck. To keep the temptation at bay, I turn it on airplane mode and put it in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind—and I’m free to carry on with my evening with plenty of headspace to spare.

2. Brain Dump in a Journal

We may have shut our laptops, but still—it’s hard to quiet the stressors of the day. I’ve found that to keep them from dominating my evening, it’s best to get them all out on the page. A brain dump is exactly that: the opportunity to write down whatever may be cluttering your mind. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, and you don’t even have to write in complete sentences. Sometimes, I might make a list of all the things currently dragging on my attention. Or if I need more support, I’ll pull out my favorite guided journal to calm my mind. Remember: this is a chance to release whatever may be holding you back.

3. Go for a Walk

Time outdoors is never wasted. It’s a powerful way to connect with your body and marvel at the natural world. Even if I don’t have the words to perfectly describe what I need, I’ve never taken a walk that didn’t leave me feeling completely at ease and aligned immediately after. The key to this (and if you’ve already followed my first post-work ritual, you’re set) is to go without your phone. I’m 100% here for the silent walking trend, and though I love a good podcast, being present for nature’s sounds is such a salve for workday stress. Alternatively, walks are a great way to catch up with a friend during the week. I like to schedule walks in advance so I can look forward to a low-stakes, but transformative catch-up.

Haven Well Within’s new collection of lounge and activewear pieces is the perfect post-work walking fit. I love that the styles are elevated while still offering comfort. The Half-Zip Pullover is an effortless layering option. I pair it with the Rib Knit Leggings for a flattering, easy-breezy outfit.


4. Turn Your Bath Into a Spa

I love to romanticize everything—it’s the easiest way to get more from my everyday tasks. Whether it’s playing music while washing dishes or displaying fresh-cut flowers on my desk, weaving a little romance into your daily routines is proof that everything can be made special. That’s why, when I take a bath, I like to go all out. Baths are a great opportunity to connect with your senses. The Euphoria collection by Flamingo Estate blends pure essential oils like Damask Rose and Jasmine for a deeply relaxing experience. Is there anything better?

5. Light a Relaxing Candle

Candles are my love language. (Kidding, but I am obsessed.) They fill any space with a soft, soothing flicker and they’re one of my favorite ways to scent a room. Candles have been proven to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and contribute to overall positive mental health. Just don’t forget to blow it out before going to bed!


6. Make a Cup of Tea

Even in the warmer months, I love curling up with a cup of tea in the evening. It’s comforting to hold your favorite mug between your hands and sip on something warm. Even preparing a cuppa is a wonderful way to ritualize your actions. Connect with all of your senses as the process unfolds. Savor the sight of the water taking on the tea’s hue. Lean into the scent of whatever blend you choose. Revel in the warmth of the mug between your hands. Remember: The joy we can extract from a moment is directly related to the intention we bring to it.


7. Meditate

Have you struggled to meditate in the past? Same. In our mile-a-minute world with notifications vying for our attention, it can feel impossible to truly be present. But I’ve found that meditation isn’t simply a means to an end—instead, it can help us learn to be more purposeful with our thoughts and connect deeper with our emotions. Apps like Headspace, Calm, or Superhuman can be excellent supports to guide your meditation journey. I’ve also found that by simply paying attention to my breath, I’m able to almost immediately calm any anxious thoughts. Little by little, start cultivating a practice that feels best for you.

8. Stretch It Out

I used to think that strengthening and supporting my body had to look like an all-in workout. Now, I’ve come to think of movement more so as little offerings to myself throughout the day. Sure, that can be a 30-minute flow from one of my favorite fitness platforms, like FORM or SoulSyncBody. But it can also look like a quick walk or a little stretch out. I like to do the latter at the end of my day to help bookend my energy and release any tension that’s built up while working at my desk. Practicing these 10 easy stretches will help build flexibility and let you ease into the evening.


9. Turn Skincare Into Self-Care

IYKYK: I’m far from alone in my skincare obsession. I love a good deep dive into the latest science on emerging ingredients and am always up for being a new-treatment guinea pig. But all that aside, my nighttime skincare ritual is an essential ingredient in my larger self-care efforts. Like many of the steps in my post-work routine, skincare is a little luxury that does wonders for resetting both your mind and body. The Doré lineup of products are developed in France to meet all the regulatory standards for clean skin care formulas. I love knowing that what I’m putting on my face—from the brand’s micellar cleansing water to its daily moisturizer—are not only effective, but safe to use on even my sensitive skin. And the ice roller? It’s the perfect way to reduce puffiness and feels so, so good.


10. Listen to a Great Playlist

I always like to set a vibe. No matter what I’m doing—cleaning up the house, prepping dinner, or playing a game with the fam, a solid playlist is essential. It’s so fun to curate playlists of your favorite songs on Spotify or ones that match your specific mood. Whether you’re craving a little calm, need an energy refresh, or want something soft playing while you read, music creates the ultimate environment to transition from your workday.