Isn’t it wild how quickly our reality can change? I don’t think I’ll ever stop asking myself, is this real life? And yet, a few weeks into this pandemic and it is becoming increasingly clear that yes, for now, it is.

While springtimes past might have centered around travel, beach days, and outdoor gatherings, this April we find ourselves rooted at home.

Physically, we feel so far away, but let’s not allow that affect where we are mentally or emotionally. Thanks to the internet (truly, I am so grateful,) there are so many ways for us to continue our personal journeys of connectedness and growth, and of course, mindless escapism has its place in all this too. Below, find my eight ideas for what to do with your life this month.

image by Teal Thomsen

Social Distancing. So hot right now.

We’d be remise to not kick off this month’s to-do list with what is the single most important thing for us to each be doing at the moment – staying home. Sounds easy, but a few weeks into this thing and turns out social distancing can be majorly challenging. Whatever it takes, step up to the plate and do your part, and check out this map which reveals which Americans have — and haven’t — been doing theirs.

Read Lena Dunham’s Verified Strangers.

Over on Vogue, Lena Dunham is releasing a chapter a day of her new romance novel, Verified Strangers. Kinda fun, right? Well to take it one step further, at the end of each chapter, readers can hop over to  instagram to vote on where the story should go next. Get caught up quick so you can weigh in in time for tomorrow’s chapter!

Go back to nature on

Feeling uninspired by your surroundings? Transport to an endless number of locations around the world with the click of your mouse on’s Livecams. Choose between real time footage of pipeline surfing in Oahu to an equine sanctuary in Kentucky, and let it roll on your desktop for a zen backdrop to your day. Me? I’ll be tuning in to the Wolong Grove Panda Yard.

photo by Buff Strickland

Do something kind for an older person.

Normally, programs for elders aim to increase human contact — but with senior centers closed indefinitely and nursing homes turning away visitors, we’re left wondering how we can (safely) help our elderly friends, neighbors, and family, as coronavirus continues to sprawl. Our own Kat came up with 5 great suggestions.

photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Visit a museum… kind of.

From the Louvre to the Met, museums have shut their doors for the time being. But a virtual visit to some art exhibits might be enough to keep you artfully inspired during these solitary times. Check out five virtual art exhibitions here to keep your right brain quenched.

Watch Tiger King

I think that when we all look back on this strange time in our history, this show will stand out as a central uniting program. Tiger King on Netflix seems to be all that anyone is talking about, and with good reason. This true murder-for-hire story about an eccentric zoo owner is stranger than fiction.

photo by Nicole Mlakar

Support Local

Shopping at community-owned small business is always important, but now more than ever, your local businesses need you. This month, instead of adding to cart, take a moment to think about how your shopping and recreational needs might be met by a small business near you. Streaming your workout from a local studio instead of Youtube, buying gift cards to your favorite spas and salons, turning to a local business for virtual childcare, and getting takeout from your favorite restaurant are just a few ways to do this. And when it comes to shopping, many small stores will even happily coordinate a home drop-off right now!

photo courtesy of Yale

Get an Ivy League education.

Yale is offering their most popular class ever for free online. The Science of Well-Being is taught by Professor Laurie Santos, and during this time, we can’t imagine a more important topic. Lucky for us, the entire thing is available at no cost over on Coursera.

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