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Every moment is an opportunity to inspire, create, and explore. Here at Camille Styles, we focus on the daily decisions that allow us to embrace those opportunities. Discover a fresh approach to style through fun ideas for the wardrobe and home. Try delicious market-fresh recipes that are perfect for dinner tonight. Take advice from inspiring influencers on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals at a site that views every aspect of clean living through a glamorous lens. We hope to inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives.


Our Team

Camille's Headshot

Camille Styles

owner + creative director

Camille’s passion is inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life – she believes that everyday moments are cause for celebration. Camille is also author of bestselling book, Camille Styles Entertaining, and proud mom to Phoebe and Henry. She loves green juice and coffee in equal measure, and although she frequently dreams of the beach, she's thrilled to call sunny Austin, Texas home.

Chanel's Photo

Chanel Dror

executive producer

Not unlike her famous namesake, Chanel is happiest expressing her creativity in music, writing, fashion, & everything artistic. She is proud to admit that the craft store is her home away from home, and finds inspiration for her hand-made creations just about everywhere. From interiors to daily outfitting, Chanel loves incorporating her personal style into everything she does.

Jennifer's Photo

Jennifer Rose Smith

art director

Jennifer Rose is an art director and writer who believes that meaningful stories can exist within dreamy atmosphere. A lifelong student with epicurean tendencies, she very much enjoys indulging new interests along the way through her work. An avid traveller and a true free spirit, Jennifer seeks conversation, candlelight, and enlightenment where ever she goes.

Kelly Colchin

Kelly Colchin

media director

After a decade-long advertising adventure in SF that landed her in Archive Magazine, Creativity and Communication Arts, Kelly decided it was time to head home. Now she hangs her hat in Austin and works as media director for Camille Styles, a freelance art director & artist. She loves watercolors, her free-spirited son and all things handmade, especially breakfast tacos.