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Beach Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Sand and Sea

By / July 27th

If you happened to check out our post from last Friday, you saw our fun analysis of what our pinterest boards really say about us. Tons of beach and travel-inspired …read more

Bayalage Highlights | Camille Styles

Balayage Highlights

By / July 22nd

When stylist and salon owner Rory McNeill first told us about “balayage” highlights, we were skeptical. Isn’t that just, like, another buzz name for the same regular ol’ highlights we’ve …read more

Lani Thomison and Ericka Herod | Besties | Camille Styles

Lani and Ericka

By / July 17th

If there’s anything better than a friend willing to lend you a good outfit, it’s one who’s willing to lend you a great album. Best friends and musicians Lani Thomison …read more

Entertaining With Suzanne Karotkin and Gaines Kilpatrick | Camille Styles

Suzanne and Gaines

By / July 7th

There are big personalities, and then there are Texas-sized ones. The Kilpatrick family of the Wild River Ranch in Sisterdale, Texas have managed to achieve modern-day legend status across the …read more

Old Havana Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Hello Havana!

By / July 6th

Amidst the hub-bub of 4th of July weekend, a small group of Cuban New Yorkers celebrated a historic moment on Friday when they boarded Jet Blue’s first direct flight from …read more