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5-Minute Tasks That Will Make You Healthier

January 5th, 2017

Though it makes me cringe to say so, one of my biggest personal weaknesses is the tendency to take on too much. No matter how much I pledge to “say no more often” and simplify my schedule, when an interesting or fun opportunity comes along, the temptation is often too great. For overcommitters like myself, January can be an especially tough time since the blank slate of a new year provides endless opportunities for personal projects (of course we can get fit, throw more dinner parties, volunteer every week, be more present with our kids, and take a photography class all this month!) If, like me, you’ve made similar mistakes on past New Year’s and are looking for smaller ways to make positive life changes, this post is for you. Keep scrolling for 16 easy tasks that’ll make you healthier today — that can all be done in 5 minutes or less! And leave a comment to let us know about other quick ways you add a dose of health into your day-to-day so I can add a few to my list (see, there I go again!)

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  1. One of my goals this year is to keep a daily gratitude journal! I definitely need to get better about stretching though, I get so cramped up by the end of the workday after sitting for so long!

  2. I think working out at my desk is something I need to add to my day this year. Fun tips!

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