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5 Ways to Foster Your Creativity at Work

June 28th, 2017

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by Kathryn Worsham. The Texas native worked her way through the New York digital marketing scene — most notably managing social media at Gap — before recently returning to her hometown in Houston. She’s here to share with us her expert tips on how to foster your creativity at work.

Routine can be our best and worst friend; familiar habits help foster productivity, but at times the monotony can stifle our creativity. A company’s structure (or lack thereof) plays a significant role in employee performance. Even though it has become increasingly popular for corporations large and small to embrace flexible hours and the ability to work remotely, many companies still adhere to a strict “9-5” policy. This might be because of the nature of the position (you can’t accomplish much remotely if you’re in the medical field, for example), or because your manager prioritizes face to face interaction.

For those of us who are creatively-wired — not only the graphic designers and artists but also the right-brained with day jobs in finance, medicine, public relations, etc. — strict office hours can actually stifle productivity and workplace motivation.

Recently we discussed the benefits of adopting a side hustle, but there are other simple ways to get the creative juices flowing at work. You might be surprised at how a slight change to your routine and a bit of fresh inspiration can improve your overall performance and morale. Take a look at our tips below for how to foster your creativity during the workweek while still respecting the standards set by your employer.

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4 Comments under :: 5 Ways to Foster Your Creativity at Work
  1. These are great ideas. 30 min in the morning really works! I had a side project last that I had to make time for. Every morning I literally rolled off my bed and walked like a sleep walker to my desk and worked before getting ready for my 9-6 job. It was a revelation for me. Who knew you could get stuff done like that?

  2. S. Moore says:

    Great/easy ideas! Keep it coming, Kathryn!

  3. Chlo says:

    These are such great ideas; there’s a few that I really, really agree with. Waking up half an hour earlier is such a good suggestion, even if it didn’t help utilises creativity straight away, it would after about a month of doing it. I think waking up early really does offer you with more opportunities and time. I also like the idea of grabbing coffee with someone that inspires me – That’s such a great idea and I can imagine just how much it would spur creativity on.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Chloe @

  4. Carolyn Humphries says:

    Great ideas, and non better than the main premise. Routine does stifle creativity! Wonderful article, Kathryn.

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