The Most Romantic New Fragrances

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Valentine’s Day can sometimes be anything but romantic. In my mind, a holiday that centers completely around men meeting impossibly high standards for romance in the middle of dreary February is just kind of unfair. However, even though most of us enlightened ladies know that Valentine’s Day […]

The Celtic Knot

We wanted to create an ambitious and romantic hairstyle for Valentine’s Day this year, and Erica Rae did not let us down with this incredible half-up look. As senior stylist at Roar Salon in Austin, Erica was able to dissect this complicated knot in no time. “It took me a couple of tries,” she laughs, […]

Bright Makeup to Beat the Winter Blues

Something inexplicable happens to me when the temperatures drop every year: I pack away my colorful, cheery spring and summer clothes and get dressed day after day in almost completely neutral clothing. I don’t know how this phenomenon started, but for some reason, I’m drawn to black, white, and grey almost exclusively from about November […]

The Half Up Top Knot

Half-back looks are tricky — the danger being that barrettes can sometimes feel a bit juvenile. That said, we still love the feminine face-framing look of a good half-up ‘do. We consulted with senior stylist Erica Rae of ROAR Salon to learn her technique for wearing half-up hair that feels a lot more modern, and […]

The Best Cheek Stains and Balms for Winter

All of the “new year, new you” resolutions are well and good, except for one little thing: it’s the dead of winter, hardly the time when many of us are feeling motivated to become our very best selves by knocking back green juices and embarking on ten-mile runs. I prefer a shortcut to looking like […]

Flushed Winter Cheeks

Okay, so we absolutely love this fresh faced winter look (think J Crew catalog) but it’s a little bit scary attempting it on our own… One wrong move can leave us looking like Toddlers in Tiaras, and we’d prefer to keep our beauty pageant looks in the back of mom’s closet where they belong. Enter […]

8 Hair Accessories That are Actually Cool

I’ve always been a less-is-more kind of person when it comes to holiday outfits and decor. While I’m all about the occasional sequined skirt, space in an NYC closet is precious and I don’t want to fill mine up my with things I can only use during the holidays. My solution? Finding ways to be […]

Holiday Hangover Beauty Cures

If there ever were an official “hangover season,” well, we’re smack dab in the middle of it. Even if you’re no longer in the stage of life where you’re hitting some holiday soiree every night (let’s be honest, who really does that, anyway?) chances are that you’ll have one or two nights between now and […]

How to Change Your Entire Look Just By Moving Your Part

Do you part your hair the same way day after day? Most of us do, and when we’re considering a new look we often find ourselves thinking about making a change in length or color. At Roar Salon, senior stylist Erica Rae reminds clients that moving their part (even just an inch or two) can […]

7 Life-Changing Dry Shampoos

By now, you’re probably familiar with dry shampoo, or what we like to call the best (and most time-saving!) beauty trend in the past five years. Seriously, what did we do before these ingenious little powders appeared on the market? Washed and styled our hair every damn day? Resigned ourselves to looking somewhat greasy half […]

Lipstick That’ll Last From Cocktails to Pumpkin Pie

The countdown to Thanksgiving dinner is on — I’m running around this morning picking up our turkey (Adam is frying it!), last-minute ingredients I forgot on my last trip to the grocery, and flowers for the table. Thought it would be fun to take a little break from the madness to talk about T-day beauty since it’s something […]

Are You Wearing the Right Night Cream?

To me, there are few things more relieving than my nighttime skin care routine. There’s something about washing grime away with cleanser and warm water, toweling off, and massaging in a rich night cream is like a mini spa treatment in the midst of a hectic day—what better way to prepare to head to dreamland? […]

Boho Side Braid

“I love to scout looks from catalogs and one of my go-to sources is always Free People,” says Senior Stylist Erica Rae of Roar Salon. That’s where she spotted a fun side-bride look she wanted to recreate with model Rebecca Gaddis in this week’s beauty tutorial. The certified beach babe (and owner of the online […]

Makeup Removers Your Skin Will Love

Can we just talk for a second about how amazing it feels to wash the grime off your face after a long day of working hard and trying to look presentable? To me, there are few better feelings than washing off dried-out concealer and flaky mascara — but, to make this nightly ritual a treat […]

3 Genius Halloween Eye Makeup Tutorials

I love the idea of a Halloween costume created using makeup — instead of having to go out and buy a crazy getup you’ll never wear again, why not use it as an opportunity to stock your makeup drawer with a few new items that can add a fun twist to your usual morning routine? […]

8 Ways To Make Your Blowout Last Longer

Yes, winter is coming: but, a major upside of the arrival of cold weather? Much better hair days. Between lower humidity and cool, crisp breezes, fall is the perfect time to bust out that blowdryer and try out that sleek, shiny style that you had on pause all summer while your locks were tied up […]

Lowlights for Fall

For most of us with highlights, we don’t realize how out-of-control it can get until we see a photo of ourselves. Um… why do I look like I dunked my head in bleach? Over time, what started out as a little subtle color can morph into a platinum mass of damaged hair. That’s when it’s […]