Pretty Simple :: The Perfect Swoop Bangs

If the new year has you itching to update your look but you’re hesitant to do something drastic, then changing up your part might be just what the doctor ordered! The side “swoop” bang is super low maintenance and can give your look a little update that’s a much lower commitment than chopping true bangs. […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Martha Lynn Kale

When Martha Lynn isn’t writing our Pretty Simple column here on the blog, she’s busy running Austin’s premiere salon, Mirror Mirror. She’s a successful business owner, a mom, and just about the cutest person we know. There’s no one we trust more than Martha Lynn to take us from blonde to brunette, long to short, […]

Pretty Simple :: Everyday Smoky Eye

The smoky eye still stands to be one of the most requested “how to’s” I hear from clients. Martha Lynn here, and I’m super excited to finally let you in on the tips and tricks I use to create this gorgeous, but still laid-back look. Best of all, this technique can be used to update your everyday […]

Pretty Simple :: Flat Iron Curls

If you feel like you get tangled up when you pick up a curling iron, then this technique is a great option for you. Martha Lynn here, and I absolutely love how quickly you can curl a head of hair with this swift little trick. And (get ready for it) we use a flatiron to […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Chelsea

You know those people who just radiate coolness? Well, that’s Chelsea Fullerton for ya. As the genius designer behind Go Forth and an all around creative-force-to-be-reckoned-with, we absolutely love having her as part of the team. So, since we’re all dying to know, here are the must-have essentials that Chelsea can’t live without… Indoor Plants. I […]

Pretty Simple :: Half-Up Fishtail

Anyone else still obsessed with fishtail braids?  Martha Lynn here, and there’s nothing I love more than a style that can accomplish two things at once, and a “half-up” look manages to give you the best of both worlds — the romantic feel of your hair down, partnered with the polished look of an updo. […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Cristina

If you’ve been following our Editors’ Essentials series you know that it’s a fun peek into the lives/minds of some of our favorite people, and this installment is one that I’ve been especially looking forward to. Style blogger Cristina Cleveland of Fuji Files contributes my very favorite column on the blog, Bring it Home. With […]

Pretty Simple :: Matte Lips

There’s no denying that matte lips are everywhere this fall. Martha Lynn here, and this is one of my personal favorite trends of the moment, especially when done in dramatic wine and berry shades for a dressed up evening look. Rather than heading out to the department store to purchase a matte version of your […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Ana

Next up in our Editors’ Essentials series is the multi-talented and über-stylish Ana Perkins. As a freelance graphic designer and stylist, the blogger behind Grown-up Shoes and the author of our Pulling it Off column, we’re always keeping an eye out for Ana’s next big move. Today we’re going behind the scenes to uncover the little details […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Claire

Those of you who have been following along with Claire’s Transformed series over the years have probably caught on to her super distinct personal style. The first things that come to mind: bright palettes, gold details, industrial inspiration and vintage flair. We couldn’t wait to take a head-first plunge into the our favorite interior designer’s must-have-items […]

Pretty Simple :: Everyday Volume

When it comes to our hair, we often want it all: a ‘do that’s all at once “straight, smooth, not-too- ‘done’ looking” but also “voluminous, wavy, and full of body.” I’m always striving to achieve hair that flaunts the best of both worlds, and this technique gives volume at the roots, yet keeps the ends nice and sleek. […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Chanel

I’ve had the privilege of working side-by-side with Chanel since she was in college (my very first intern!) and it’s been fun to see her evolve into a confident, well-traveled twenty-something who’s usually the one filling me in on what various cultural references mean. The things that haven’t changed? Her willingness to take style risks (and ability […]

Editors’ Essentials :: Jennifer Rose

Scroll down to discover a few of Jenn Rose’s favorite things! Chandeliers. I’ve always had a thing for them. They’re kind of like jewelry for a room. It’s not quite as grand as the one in this photo, but I recently installed this little guy from Pottery Barn in my entryway. Instant glam! image: Rue […]

Pretty Simple :: Quick-and-Easy Cat Eye

Creating a “cat eye” is one of the most commonly requested makeup tricks I hear from clients, and while the look definitely makes a big statement, the technique couldn’t be easier. The mod trend is everywhere this fall, and if you’re hesitant to go full-on 60’s, the cat eye is a way to give a […]

Pretty Simple :: Braided Crown

Two weeks ago, I shared a Rolled Chignon tutorial that’s great for medium-length hair… well, today’s ‘do goes out to all my Rapunzel’s out there! I’ve been spotting lots of braids out and about this summer, and with the triple-digit heat in Austin, I had to give the trend a try. Claire’s long hair is […]

Pretty Simple :: Rolled Chignon

A couple of months ago, we chopped a good 5 inches off Camille’s hair to give it a fresh and healthy boost for summer, taking it from long-and-layered to medium-with texturized ends. Many of the updo tutorials we’ve done in the Pretty Simple series thus far have been great for long-haired ladies, so with Camille (and many […]

Pretty Simple :: Knotted Side Braid

We don’t often think of knotting our hair when styling, but I’ve been using the technique to create simple-yet-intricate hairdos for years. I’m always on the hunt for hair styles that can be put together in a few easy steps, but when complete, make everyday hair look and feel a little more special. In this […]