My Essentials :: Olga Vidisheva

I can probably think of about a million reasons why I love New York, but each time I visit The Big Apple, the city’s shopping makes my heart pitter patter above all else. Namely, it’s the tiny boutiques tucked away on each street that have inventories bursting with carefully curated designs that — for some […]

Pretty Simple :: Nailed It!

Martha Lynn here, and just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean we’re allowed to ignore our precious toes and fingernails! The fall nail trends I’ve been seeing lately are so much fun, and will leave you running to your favorite nail salon. I have to admit I was never a fan of nail art, […]

Pretty Simple :: Waterfall Twist

Did any of you have a go-to hairstyle growing up? In almost every childhood photo of me, my hair is done one of two ways: either in a fountain-like ponytail on the very top of my head, or a neatly pulled back half-ponytail (thanks, mom!) Nowadays I’m not the biggest fan of the half-up-half-down look, […]

Pretty Simple :: Winds of Change

Am I the only one getting serious urges to change up my look? It must be an annual thing, because this time last year I was feeling the same temptations, and wound up with some less-than-fabulous bangs (let’s just say, they’re not for me). Since recently going in for a trim and Kerastase treatment with […]

Pretty Simple :: Triple Braided Bun

Ever since Martha Lynn shared this hair style with us, it’s been our go-to look for fabulous hair on the fly. Safe to say this updo is one of the easiest we’ve featured in our Pretty Simple series — if you can braid, you can achieve these ornate buns in minutes. And worry not, this […]

Pretty Simple :: Skin Rituals

So, full disclosure: I (Martha Lynn) haven’t always babied my skin. But as each birthday comes and goes, I’m constantly reminded that our skin is one of our greatest and most-noticable features, and it’s way more cost-effective to take care of it now than pay to fix it down the road! Sometimes it feels like […]

My Essentials :: Chloe Lonsdale

With fashion being so fickle, do you ever wish you could subscribe to a daily uniform that you wear each day? Today’s My Essentials trendsetter is a jeans-and-tee-shirt addict, and isn’t afraid to admit it! And it couldn’t be more fitting — Chloe Lonsdale is as classic as they come, and designer and founder at London-based […]