Tastemakers :: Confituras

What if you could capture the most exquisite autumn day and put it in a jar: the blue sky, the crisp air, the scent of crushed leaves, all the sweet, tender lusciousness that’s been ripening on the tree for months and months through the long days of summer? Inside every piece of fruit is contained […]

Field Trip :: Sushi Making Party at Uchiko

If you’re an Austinite, Uchiko needs no explanation — the centrally located Japanese farmhouse dining & sushi restaurant is legendary around these parts, and happens to be my personal go-to spot for just about any special occasion (It’s President’s Day, you say? Guess we have to celebrate at Uchiko!) Both Uchi and Uchiko have been […]

Tastemakers :: Arro

We’ve had a crush on the house-smoked meats and chewy pretzels at Easy Tiger for ages, and the blue plate-inspired, high-end comfort food at 24 Diner is one of our favorite spots in town for breakfast or lunch. When we stumbled into Arro for a visit with Chef Drew Curran on a cold, blustery afternoon […]

On My Nightstand

After letting 2 months slip by between editions of On My Nightstand, I’m dying to share so many reading ideas that it’s tough to narrow them down to just four. Still, I’m forcing myself to choose only a well-edited selection in the hopes that you guys will check out every single one and let me know what […]

Tastemakers :: Multicultural Community Cooking

Fair warning: if you’ve been dreaming about taking a leap towards work that’s deeply meaningful, this story might be just the push you’re looking for. In 2007, Meg Erskine met Johnson Doe and Paul Tiah, Liberian refugees who had recently landed in Austin, and in a moment, her life was changed. Drawn into their stories […]

The Super Foodie :: Roasted Veggie, Bean & Herb Salad

There’s something so comforting about a warm salad piled high with roasted tomatoes, beans and potatoes. It’s abundantly hearty and satisfying, the perfect meal for a cold Fall evening. And the fresh herbs make it even more so, bringing it to another level of rustic, tasty deliciousness! For as much hearty satisfaction as this salad […]

Tastemakers :: Bufalina

Simplicity — in food or fashion — requires courage and a pitch perfect understanding of what’s essential. At Bufalina, there are no wrong moves — owner Steven Dilley and his staff serve up a Platonian ideal of pizza, expertly fired in a wood-burning oven from Italy. There are fewer than ten pizzas on the menu, […]

The Super Foodie :: Superfood Breakfast Bowl

I find that if I start my day with a healthy decision, I’m much more aware of what I’m eating throughout the rest of the day and am more likely to make good food choices.  And this superfood breakfast bowl is one of my favorite breakfasts as of late — it’s warm and satisfying, packed […]

Tastemakers :: Easy Tiger

A city’s food scene is only as good as its best bakery. We went too long in Austin without a truly great bakery, so when I learned that my talented friend David Norman was coming on as head baker for the new Easy Tiger a couple years ago, I was beside myself. David has punched dough […]

Field Trip :: Round Top Antiques Fair

Our latest Field Trip took us to a longstanding Texas institution — the biannual antiques fair in the small town of Round Top, located just an hour and a half southeast of Austin. Thanks to a few tips from friends who had been before, we were able to navigate the somewhat overwhelming fairgrounds and head […]

The Super Foodie :: Celery Root with Herbed Beets

I recently discovered the amazingness that is celery root puree.  It tastes like such an indulgent treat, but is actually so healthy! Paired here with earthy, herbed beets and olive oil, it takes on a richness that’s surprising for such a simple dish. Best of all it provides, that “comfort food” satisfaction that we’re all […]

Phoebe’s Fall Wishlist

She’s got a penchant for pink and a major thing for shoes (the better to practice running in!) Today, Phoebe’s sharing a few things on her wish list for fall (and yes, I might have helped her just a teensy tiny bit…) She may just be one, but the girl knows what she likes! An irresistible print, […]