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These 25 Cute Indoor Planters Are the Easiest Way to Upgrade Any Room

Small addition, big impact!

By Stacey Lindsay
cute indoor planters

Every morning, I stare at the same object in my room. My eyes, still hazy from sleep, follow its curved sides. I appreciate how the ceramic material reflects and absorbs the first bit of sunshine cast through my window. I take in the soft bone color and the way it contrasts with the emerald-green sprouting from the top. For a minute or two I gaze just like this, reveling in this unexpected meditation. The wildest part? This object isn’t some incredible photo from a far-flung adventure or a piece of art rich in detail. It’s a bone-colored indoor planter that hosts my favorite plant. For whatever reason, this simple object always captivates me. So, if you’re aiming to find a similar point of meditative joy, look no further than these 25 cute indoor planters. 

Here’s the interesting point: The fact that an indoor planter grabs my attention in this way says a lot about this humble home accessory. For one, planters have a greater impact than we may realize. A means to add a pop of color or a dose of artsy interest, a plant pot is a small décor piece capable of upping the ante in a room. Secondly, this is the vessel in which we host our beloved houseplants—which we know alone can transform the aesthetic of a room

Whether you’re looking for a fun vessel to house a low-maintenance Monstera or a fun piece to amplify your living room, these 25 cute indoor planters will add instant dimension to your home. (And consider adding a simple, soothing planter to your bedroom. I promise you: It’s instant morning peace!).

Feature image by Michelle Nash.

Shop and scroll through our favorite cute indoor planters that’ll elevate any space.

Paulownia Wood Planter

Handmade in Memphis, Tennessee, this raw wood planter lends a neutral, earthy vibe to a living room or kitchen. The wood’s tonal quality makes it particularly textured and interesting.

Paulownia Wood Planter, $56


The artistic minds at IKEA created these minimal planters to offer a “stage of greenery” for your home. Meaning, the leaves shine beyond the pots’ thread-like shapes—and they can be hung at various levels for added interest.


Anthropologie Mesa Pot

What makes this hand-painted ceramic pot so interesting are the detailed beads that fall from its sides. At first glance you’d think this planter was made of a textured woven fabric.

Anthropologie Mesa Pot, $38

Bloomscape Loop Wall Hanger

Hanging a tuft of greenery is a designer’s trick for making a room appear bigger. Why? It draws the eye upward, thus capitalizing on vertical space. This handmade oak and cotton planter is the perfect tool for doing so.

Bloomscape Loop Wall Hanger, $35

Christie Ahee Teal Checkered Planter

You almost don’t even need a plant for this geometrically-inclined pot. The teal and cream checks make a bold statement all on their own.

Christie Ahee Teal Checkered Planter, $52

AllModern Fussnecker Ceramic Pot Planter

Simple. Elegant. Understated. Sometimes the best home for a favorite plant is just this—in a stunning dusty rose color, of course.

AllModern Fussnecker Ceramic Pot Planter, $15

Sage & Sill Cassie Cloth Planter

You can fold the rim on this muslim cloth planter to adjust the size according to your plant’s height. It’s an instant dose of texture and natural color.

Sage & Sill Cassie Cloth Planter, $10.99

Terrain Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot + Saucer Set

Looking at these perfectly patinaed clay pots, with all their weathered imperfections, will transport you to an English garden on the coast of Cornwall. They’re endlessly classic.

Terrain Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot + Saucer Set, $24

cute indoor planters

Image by Molly Culver.

The Sill Self Watering Round Planter

Majestic in its aesthetic and clever in its design, this planter keeps the water separate from your houseplant until it’s ready for a drink. Beauty and functionality all in one.

The Sill Self Watering Round Planter, $64

Urban Outfitters Areaware Mini Stacking Planter

This shape is sheer brilliance. The planter nestles onto the water dish to form artistic rings, making this piece as much of an unusual decorative item as a functional home for a succulent.

Urban Outfitters Areaware Mini Stacking Planter, $32

H&M Home Glazed Terracotta Plant Pot

There is a certain moodiness to this planter that holds the power to lend some gravitas to an otherwise light-filled space. Pair this with a leafy Pothos, or simply add to a neutral living room sans plant.

H&M Home Glazed Terracotta Plant Pot, $24.99

Crate&Barrel Batten Acacia Wood Wall Planter Racks and Boxes

This leans more toward a furniture piece than it does a simple greenery pot. But still, the stunning vertical lines in this wall planter would add interest in an open loft or spacious living room, making this a worthy home investment piece.

Crate&Barrel Batten Acacia Wood Wall Planter Racks and Boxes, $59.95

Peach and Pebble Contour Ceramic Planter

A dose of pure sunshine in a living room? Yes, please! Additionally, the generous size of this planter makes it perfect for a medium-sized tree or generous plant.

Peach and Pebble Contour Ceramic Planter, $45

Luna-Reece Ceramics™ Ink Spots Succulent Planter in Mustard

Artist Andrea Luna Reece is the brilliant mind behind many midcentury modern-inspired décor pieces. Here, she lends her talent to this functional and quirky polka-dotted planter, which makes a perfect home for a dainty ivy.  

Luna-Reece Ceramics™ Ink Spots Succulent Planter in Mustard, $30

Project 62™ Terracotta Planter

There’s a lot going on in this small-but-mighty planter: The classic terra cotta material meets a textured curved detailing on the front resulting in an updated take on a classic.

Project 62™ Terracotta Planter, $15

Opalhouse™ x Jungalow™ Hanging Planter

Ideal for a small-space living room or tiny urban apartment, this metal and rattan hanging planter allows you to enjoy your favorite houseplant at a level that suits your space. (And it has that eclectic Justina Blakeney Jungalow appeal.)

Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™ Hanging Planter, $25

cute indoor planter
Image by Justina Blakeney.

West Elm Cecilia Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Planters

This simple planter boasts a lot of design credit thanks to the clean vertical and horizontal lines. Plus, the shallow base makes it perfect for smaller houseplants.

West Elm Cecilia Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Planters, $35.10

Zara Home Gold Planter

What is it about brass? This gold-hued metal gives off a timeless appeal, elevating a space from simple to interesting. Plus, the added height from this stand gives this piece and its accompanying greenery a little more of the spotlight.

Zara Home Gold Planter, $69

World Market Natural Bamboo Planter With Wood Stand

A handsome piece with a perfected stand, this planter is an ideal home for larger, leafier plants and the best way to add depth to an empty corner.

Natural Bamboo Planter With Wood Stand, $44.99

Millwood Pines Brancato Terracotta Pot Planter

Equal parts classic and quirky. The gentle patina on the exterior and the short legs make this terracotta piece a conversation starter.

Millwood Pines Brancato Terracotta Pot Planter, $33.99 (reg. $41.99)

The Sill Terrazzo Archie Planter

Designed in Australia, every one of these speckled handmade planters is totally unique. The base, which doubles as its water tray, adds a modern touch.

Terrazzo Archie Planter, $69

Rosalind Wheeler Kirkland Ceramic Pot Planter

There is something so nostalgic and beautiful about a weathered floral pot. With its cornflower-blue and yellow flowers, this planter evokes a summer-in-the-country vibe.

Rosalind Wheeler Kirkland Ceramic Pot Planter, $33.99 (reg. $35.99)

MinimumDesigin Praha Wood Planter

This geometric design is decidedly chic. Plus, the wood printed body in an ombré finish is as interesting as it is unexpected. Perfect for the Fiddle Leaf Fig in your life.

MinimumDesigin Praha Wood Planter, $33.46

The Sill Small & Medium Grant Planter Duo

And here it is: The simple planter that starts my days. See those smooth curved lines and simple shape? That’s a morning meditation session waiting to happen.

The Sill Small & Medium Grant Planter Duo, $62

Which of these cute indoor planters are you most excited to add to your space?