5 Quick & Easy Ways To Spring-ify Your Home

The perfect time to turn over a new leaf.

By Cristina Cleveland
spring decor, how to update your home for spring

quick ways to update your home this spring

I first wrote about this bedroom two years ago, so when I came across it again recently it struck me how just a few small changes gave the room a completely different look. As you embark on spring cleaning and home makeover projects this season, I wanted to share this friendly reminder that small edits can have a big impact. Keep reading for a few easy updates you can do this weekend to freshen up your home for Spring.

quick ways to update your home this spring

Shuffle your art.

The new wall hanging over Sarah’s bed is actually a DIY project, which replaced the print she had hanging over her bed before. You don’t have to go out and buy new art to make an impact, you can simply move pieces around from other areas of your home, for example hanging a collection of hats or baskets above the bed, or hanging a textile as a tapestry.

Change the sheets.

Matching the sheets and pillows to the headboard created a very cool monochromatic effect. You can also switch up the way you make the bed, for example staking the pillows on top of each other like the inspiration photo, or pairing down your throw pillows for a more minimal look.

Play with symmetry.

If your bed is up against a wall on one side, try creating symmetry by placing nightstands and lamps on either side. Even in a small space, I think it’s worth trying. If you don’t like it, you can always move them back!

Move your furniture.

I’m a big fan of moving furniture around my home. In this case, a bench or ottoman can be moved to the end of the bed, and you can use chairs or stools as beside tables, a la Chanel.

Get inspired.

I love looking to hotels, homes, and shops in other countries for inspiration. Travel magazines like LOST iN are a great place to expose yourself to a fresh perspective on design that’s different to what you’re used to seeing in your hometown. Of course, design blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest make this much easier too.

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