Hold The Phone—These Are the 11 Best Food Accounts to Follow on TikTok

For your curation.

By Annie Thompson

Ah TikTok, my favorite love/hate relationship. If you’re not an avid scroller yet, prepare to change your tune. The still-growing platform remains the top spot for creators to share innovative, unique, and inspiring content. Yes, TikTok has its fair share of trendy, less-than impressive videos. But, with the right curation, your For You Page (FYP, for those in the know) can display some of the internet’s best content. And if not, our picks for the best food TikTok accounts are sure to bring life to your kitchen. Or, at least to your screen.

Let’s get real here: TikTok is addictive. Have there been times where I’ve had to delete the app to focus on work? Yes. Do I regret downloading it in the first place? Absolutely not, and I’ll tell you why. TikTok is to today’s creators what I imagine Hollywood was to filmmakers in its golden age: a hub for creativity. It’s the hotter-than-hot spot for artists, entrepreneurs, and social media personalities to share content for the internet’s biggest audience. And with great power comes great responsibility, which is why these best food TikTok accounts had to earn a spot on our roster for their impeccable taste. Let’s start scrolling.

Feature image by Riley Blanks.

Best Food TikTok Accounts to Follow:

Camille Styles (@camillestyles)

Why To Watch: If you haven’t heard, we’re on TikTok—and the content’s worth celebrating (be sure to catch our take on the trend that started it all). Camille’s page is a reflection of everything we value on the site and elsewhere: beauty and uncovering it in others’ lives. True to itself, the feed is full of food, wellness, and ideas for gatherings. We can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

Standout Recipe: It would be wrong not to mention the garlicky mushroom pasta with sausage and arugula. Major yum.


he looked like Adam driver so I made him soup

? Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Justine Snacks (@justine_snacks)

Why To Watch: As you can tell, Justine is a great storyteller. She fills her page with recipe series like “my daughter’s kitchen,” where she shares recipes she hopes to pass on to her kids. Her current series involves making recipes dedicated to her ex-boyfriends. As you can imagine, it’s insanely comedic, and has garnered tens of thousands of TikTok views in just a few weeks.

Standout Recipe: Just like all of us here at Team CS, Justine is a toast enthusiast. My personal favorite of hers is bruléed citrus toast with ricotta and balsamic glaze.

Cozy Tea Tok (@cozyteatok)

Why To Watch: On the other end of the vibe spectrum, Cozy Tea Tok is like a mega-dose of relaxation in one video. It’s simple, comforting, and effortlessly peaceful. Embracing the cottagecore aesthetic, it’s basically reminiscent of Little Women in all the best ways.

Standout Recipe: This blueberry streusel loaf? Looks can be deceiving, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here—totally to die for.

Justine’s Kitchen (@justinepnyc)

Why To Watch: Justine doesn’t craft many of her recipes, but her vibes help her content stand out. She lives in NYC and always captures the skyline with whatever she’s cooking. Plus, she picks the best music.

Standout Recipe: Citrus white fish in parchment paper with confit potatoes is the en papillote recipe of our dreams.

London Bruncher (@londonbruncher)

Why To Watch: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, London Bruncher has you covered. She has great recipes and an editing style that lets natural sounds shine. Each video is satisfying in every way.

Standout Recipe: These spicy salmon parcels definitely steal the show.

Emily Mariko (@emilymariko)

Why To Watch: If you’re a TikTok veteran, you knew this one was coming. Our favorite silent salmon rice bowl maker keeps delivering satisfying food content. I’ll probably always be unsure about whether it’s Mah-ri-ko or Mar-ee-ko, but my FYP doesn’t discriminate either way.

Standout Recipe: Obviously the salmon rice bowl had to be included here. I still haven’t made it yet, but it just looks too good to not live up to the hype.

Men With The Pot (@menwiththepot)

Why To Watch: Like Emily Mariko, Men With The Pot is a FYP staple and a blessing to all of our screens. I don’t know how he does it, but the mystery man behind that cleaver makes everything from scratch… in the middle of the forest. I’m all about the mystery and I applaud his mystique.

Standout Recipe: Everything is equally impressive in my book, but this fillet steak with wild mushrooms and scratch bread is next level.

Lindsey Eats (@lindseyeatsla)

Why To Watch: Every hour is golden hour in Lindsey’s world. Or, maybe just in LA. Either way, this page is bursting with a summer-y glow just in time for the warm weather season.

Standout Recipe: Easy homemade focaccia is so pleasing to the eye (and I can only imagine, the stomach).


this one’s for my g-free girlies. super fudgy flourless chocolate cake ? #baking #flourlesschocolatecake #tiktokbaking #glutenfreebaking

? original sound – Broma Bakery

Sarah Crawford (@bromabakery)

Why To Watch: If you have a sweet tooth like me, this page is for you. Sarah Crawford’s (aka Broma Bakery) dessert recipes are always a treat. Examples being this gluten-free chocolate cake, single-serving chocolate chip cookies, and too many brownies to count—this page has all of your dessert-y desires.

Standout Recipe: The single-serving chocolate chip cookies are a game changer.

The Moody Foody (@themoodyfoody)

Why To Watch: Moody is right when it comes to the tone and aesthetics of this page. Absolutely dreamy and relaxing, you’ll find tons of good recipes to try here mixed with pleasing audio and visuals. Plus the occasional story time you didn’t know you needed. Just a little something for everyone.

Standout Recipe: Get up close and personal with Beef Bourguignon to the tune of blissful piano music. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Hamza Gulzar (@boybawarchi)

Why To Watch: I saved the best for last—this is hands down my favorite baking page. Everything is so meticulously pieced together and set to the most soothing music. It’s everything you could want in a baking video.

Standout Recipe: As soon as these chocolate croissants showed up in my feed, I was hooked. I mean, just look at the layers.

What are your favorite food TikTok accounts? Share them with us in the comments!