Turmeric sure has come a long way from its days limited to the Indian kitchen. Don’t get us wrong, we still won’t make curry without a pinch of our favorite golden spice, but in the last years, turmeric has found a place in just about every modern kitchen, and every course. From your morning coffee to your after-dinner ice cream, there’s no limit to turmeric’s reach, and thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, cooking with it is good for you too. Ready to finally jump on the bandwagon? These 7 tried-and-tested recipes are a great place to start.

This Turmeric Chicken Immunity Soup Has Magical Powers

“I first read about the idea of an Immunity Soup from Dr. Andrew Weil, whose recipe includes Chinese herbs and mushrooms that have immune-enhancing properties. So I decided to create one of my own, and this Turmeric Chicken Immunity Soup uses easy-to-find ingredients that most of us have floating around in our fridges at any given time.” — Camille

This Carrot Turmeric Hummus Is Your New Healthy Snack Solution

“For all you Whole30 peeps out there, this hummus is perfect since it’s bean-free, sugar-free and subs in fresh veggies instead of chips or crackers (ie also grain and gluten-free!). It’s truly a snack you can feel great about eating and that will make you feel great as you power through your afternoon.” — Camille

Turmeric Roasted Kabocha Squash Salad

“The squash here is what really brings this dish together and makes it the perfect side dish. I picked up some kabocha squash, as I love the contrast of its beautiful green skin with that gorgeous orange color. The flavor is pretty similar to a butternut squash, so if you can’t find kabocha at your local store, you could easily swap with any other squash or even some sweet potatoes! ” — Suruchi

Camille’s Turmeric Tea Latté

“For a larger gathering, I’ll make a big pot of the turmeric-infused almond milk and let it warm on the stove until guests are ready to drink. Then all that’s left to do is ladle some into a mug, brew a shot of espresso, and add it to the drink.” — Camille

This Recipe Is The Genius New Way to Cut Cauliflower

“What do we love about this recipe? The earthy flavor of tahini (always), balanced by sweet pitted dates and refreshing herbs. That vibrant golden color comes from the turmeric, which is scientifically proven to be anti inflammatory and an antioxidant. Super simple, yet extremely healthy! And cutting the cauliflower in this way makes it easier than ever to serve out portions to guests.” — Chanel

This Homemade Ice Cream Is a Golden Milk Latté in a Bowl

“The flavor of this ice cream is floral and sweet, with a creeping heat that comes from the ginger and pepper that spice it up. I love the extra punch from the candied ginger that is mixed into the ice cream, and crunchy texture that comes from the biscuits. Don’t skimp on the ground black pepper that I add in at the end, it’s the unexpectedly perfect heat to pair with the sweetness of the ice cream.” — Suruchi

JoHo’s Golden Eye Iced Coffee

“Josephine House recently added an iced coffee drink to the menu called The Goldeneye, and I’ve been so into it from the very first sip that I begged Daisy, the assistant beverage director, to share the recipe behind her mysteriously amazing libation.” — Camille

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    Jessica Camerata May 30, 2019 at 11:33 am

    The turmeric coffee sounds delicious. I’ve actually never tried this ingredient but always assumed it tasted bad! Clearly, it can’t!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita



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