It’s hot outside, the whole town feels asleep, all your favorite shows have ended… and this is exactly why August is one of the best times of year. It’s the quiet before the storm of fall, a private moment to savor the last long days of summer. Our to-do list for the month is a deliciously lazy one (yes, we’re actually telling you to sleep in) and we even managed to find you one last summer movie to get excited about. Scroll down for 10 easy ideas for things to do this August, and enjoy every minute. It will be gone in a flash.

featured image by savannah morrow the label

image by bon appétit

Make a chilled soup, because it’s 100 degrees outside.

image by garrison inn

Book a room at the Garrison Inn in Massachusetts (which is the only way to have access to this gorgeous pink tea room.)

image by the rule of thumbs

Find out exactly why people are so obsessed with White Claw this summer.

image from creative spaces

Pick up a copy of Poketo’s new book Creative Spaces, which features a diverse group of creatives and their personal workspaces.

image by house of dharma

Let yourself sleep in for once.

Go see Lulu Wang’s buzzy new film, The Farewell, based on a real life story. (And while you’re at it, check out this gorgeous feature from T Magazine on how the director hosts a Chinese feast.)

photo by hannah zahner

Start asking better questions.

image by savannah morrow the label

Shop the new collection (finally!) out from Savannah Morrow the Label. It’s called “Desiderata.” EVERY. PIECE. IS GORGEOUS.

image by wit and delight

Do one thing that scares you. (For Rachelle, it was trying acupuncture.)

image by target

Take yourself back-to-school shopping at Target (even if you graduated years ago.) Have you seen the new Universal Thread line? Literally what first day of school dreams are made of.

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