15 Wellness Products Our Editors Can’t Live Without Right Now

It’s the little things.

By Katherine Fluor
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If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that self-care, specifically when it comes to our health and wellness, is important for keeping us sane in times of crisis. Since being quarantined at home for several months now, I’ve learned that there are lots of ways I can take care of my mental and physical health without leaving the house or spending tons of money — from cooking a nourishing, healthy meal, to creating a mini-spa experience in my bathroom, to finding the perfect workout class I can take online.

For our editors, it’s the little things that matter most right now — like a detoxifying bubble bath with a glass of calming tea, or a sleep mask that leaves your lips smooth as butter come morning.

It’s these little luxuries that leave us feeling pampered and inspired to stay healthy; they remind us how good it feels to take care of ourselves. From a book on nutrition and how to heal your gut, to leggings that actually make you want to workout, scroll on for 15 wellness products our editors are loving right now.

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler

In my ongoing efforts to eliminate plastic from my day-to-day life, I’m always on the hunt for reusable water bottles and cups that are BPA free. Bonus points if it looks pretty, too! I recently purchased this white lidded tumbler and it’s made staying hydrated easier and more stylish than ever. It comes in so many cute colors too! Note: You should be drinking 1 liter of water for every 50 lbs you weigh. Hydration keeps your muscles relaxed, tension low, and skin shining! –Chanel

Bala Ankle Weights

These have been game changers for my at-home workouts. I strap them on before a Sculpt Society workout and can knock out a booty-toning session in 20 minutes. I even hold them in my hands to use as light weights for shoulder work. –-Camille

Goop’s ‘The Martini’ Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Yes, it’s sweltering out… but I am still bathing every single night.  I’ll mix up a glass of raspberry-lemon flavored Natural Calm magnesium drink, pour it over ice and relax in the tub filled with Goop’s ‘The Martini’ Emotional Bath Soak. The combination of my favorite calming mocktail with the earthy notes of sandalwood and vetiver from my bath salts helps me instantly feel relaxed and detoxified from the day (despite my kids running amuck just outside the bathroom door.) –Anne

Kinfield Golden Hour

We’ve been soaking up these slow summer evenings with lots of time outside and I am loving this bug spray to keep the bites at bay. It’s clean (no yucky DEET!), smells great, and works, not to mention has the cutest summery branding. I even feel great about using it on my babe. –Hannah

Peach and Lily Overnight Star Sleeping Mask

I’m obsessed with all things Peach and Lily, and there’s a reason this mask has a five star rating. It’s incredibly moisturizing without making your skin feel greasy or heavy, and you wake up with the softest glowing and hydrated skin. This mask has really become one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine and I look forward to using it every week. –Suruchi

P.volve P.ball

I’ve been loving all the p.volve streaming workouts at home lately. Since I still don’t feel comfortable going to a gym yet, these workouts have been game changing in keeping my body toned and my anxiety at bay throughout the day. The workouts are easy, and require little to no equipment. One piece I did invest in has been this p.ball resistance ball, and it’s been a game changer.  I love using it and feeling my muscles in my inner thighs and glutes being used in brand new ways. If you want to start P.volve and don’t know what equipment to get first, get the p.ball. –Kat

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun and it has taken a toll on the texture of my skin. A friend recommended this v affordable moisturizer to me that she says has completely transformed her complexion. After trying it out, I agree! It’s super rich and creamy, and I’ll usually alternate it with my pricier moisturizer at night and wake up with super hydrated, smooth skin. –Michelle

My Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve been diffusing grapefruit, bergamot, cedarwood (or pine) and patchouli every morning. It seriously smells like a dream (like a walking through the candle section at anthro kinda dream) and makes me excited to wake up every morning. That + my glass of warm lemon water first thing, gets my day off to a refreshing start. It’s a happy little meditative routine and the scent blend boasts benefits like balancing mood, reducing stress, boosting energy, offers antimicrobial properties, and is cleansing and grounding – the perfect way to start my day! –Hannah

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

This ACV hair mask by dpHUE is a must try if your hair is as feeling dull and dry as mine after months of not going to the salon.  I do it on Sunday nights with a face mask and can’t say enough good things about it. This hair brand is awesome in general — and it’s founder, Justin Anderson (major celeb hair dresser), is hilarious to follow on Instagram. He radiates the best happy vibes! –Kat

Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator from Pai

Since having a baby, I’ve felt that my skin has gotten to be so dull and dry. I finally splurged on a few skincare items to help bring life back to my sensitive skin, and this Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator from Pai has been a really lovely addition to my routine. It is so gentle, and truly feels luxurious on my face. –Chanel

Methodology Mornings Mastered: Ceremonial Cacao Mix

I’ve always wanted to try Methodology’s meal delivery, but they currently only deliver on the west coast. Lucky for me though, the brand recently released a line of their health-focused and global pantry products for national shipping. This cacao mix was first on my order! It’s an incredible coffee replacement for the morning and solves chocolate cravings at any time of day. It’s sweetened only with coconut crystals and spiced with cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cayenne, and pepper. It’s like the most delicious and healthiest hot chocolate you could imagine! –Suruchi

Nourishing Lavender Milk from Farmaesthetics

I’m really trying to make conscious choices about the products I buy – both with the ingredients themselves and their packaging. The Nourishing Lavender Milk from Farmaesthetics features a scent divinely reminiscent of Provencal lavender fields, and I can feel good about its glass bottle (versus plastic) and organic ingredients. Voted ‘favorite organic product’ by Harper’s Bazaar, its second ingredient is witch hazel, which does wonders for my skin. –Anne

Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush Leggings

I’m obsessed with these Alo Yoga leggings because they’re high waisted, great quality, and super stretchy. They’re by far the most flattering work out leggings and don’t slip down when I’m moving around chasing my son who is crawling all over the place. I love them for WFH life, workouts, and movie nights — basically I never want to take them off! –Kat

Seaweed Bath Co. Hair Mask 

I haven’t gotten my haircut since pre-COVID, so my ends could use some major TLC. This all-natural hair mask detoxes to remove build-up, then adds tons of moisture with ingredients like aloe, jojoba, and coconut oil. I use it every Sunday night to start the week with clean, shiny hair. –Camille

Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe

This book has been out for awhile, but somehow I’m just now getting my hands on it. Dr. Axe is an expert on gut health and the microbiome, and has great tips on how we can change our lifestyles to be our healthiest, best selves. I’ve been nerding out over all things gut health lately, especially as I’m trying to boost my immune system, and this book is a great resource. –Michelle