Let’s face it, February can be a real drag. The cold weather never seems to end, we’re completely OVER our winter wardrobes, and (for those of us without significant others) there’s always Valentine’s Day to give it the extra ouch. That’s why we’ve put together a solid list of what to do with your life this month to keep you feeling productive, in the moment, and happy. Read on for our ideas to make this February your best one yet!

featured image by flairthelabel

1. Start planning your next trip.

2. Take more baths.

image by flairthelabel

3. Check out the amazing first album by Lou Rebecca (yes, it’s on blue vinyl).

4. Make your own chocolate covered strawberries.

5. Buy a sheer top and wear it with a cute bralette.

photo by arno frugier from the row a/w 2012

6. Learn how to order champagne.

photo from ann street studio

7. Start working on your swimsuit body while you’re Netflixing.

8. Plan a gal-entine’s dinner.

9. Design your own perfume!

10. Drool over the entire Ulla Johnson Spring 2018 runway show.

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