This month we’re all about taking risks, and September’s roundup is full of the people and places inspiring us to be bolder versions of ourselves. We’ve got a groundbreaking documentary, two new edgy albums, and some solid advice on finally doing a few of those things that seem permanently stuck on the to do list. (Starting a supper club, anyone?) Scroll down to get excited for fall, and start planning out your boldest month now.

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Pick up a copy of Josh Niland’s new cookbook, The Whole Fish.

The edgy Australian chef is known for his groundbreaking seafood, and his new book (out September 17th) will change the way you think about eating fish — eyeballs and all.

Listen to Brittany Howard’s new solo album, Jamie.

You know her as the singer of the Alabama Shakes, but the singer has put the Shakes on hold to release her debut solo album. The pre-release single Stay High was my personal song of the summer, so I cannot wait to hear this full album when it drops on September 20th.

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Start a supper club, already. Here’s how.

Our editor Rachelle Shuttlesworth breaks down the basics on how to host a successful supper club.

Get a first look at the set of the new Downton Abbey movie, from the dog’s point of view.

Yes, it’s real and it’s called Benji Cam. You’re welcome.

Become a hat person, even just for a day.

Check out our round up of the new coolest of the cool girl hats for fall.

Check out the new album Room 41 from the genre-bending country star on the rise, Paul Cauthen.

I’ve had my eye (ear?) on Paul Cauthen for the past few years, and I’m very excited for Room 41 to drop on September 6th. Known as “Big Velvet” for his smooth baritone voice, the singer is boldly blending disco, country, and rock for a unique sound that’s all his own. Don’t believe me? Give this single a listen.

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Start growing your own food.

Learn how from Heidi Moorman Coudal, owner and culinary director of certified green catering company and farm-to-table café Big Delicious Planet.

Book a room at S, T Eat & Stay.

Be the first to book at room at tastemaker Kai Avent-deLeon’s buzzy new hotel property in Bed Stuy, opening today!

Watch This Changes Everything.

This groundbreaking documentary (featuring everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Natalie Portman) goes straight at Hollywood’s pervasive gender inequality. The gloves are off in this brave exposé, and a whole lot of daring women came together to make it happen.

photo by nicole franzen

Check out AirBnB’s new magazine (it’s actually really cool) and learn how to trick out your rental for maximum profits.

See how designers Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason helped a Brooklyn couple take their vacation rental from good enough to get-on-the-wait-list.





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